Sunday, October 12, 2008


The title of my blog has hit our household..well at least Brylee and I. Brylee has had a cold/cough for a while..but it never seems to phase her nor has she had a fever. So I have held off taking her to the doctor. Well, it has now hit me...since Wednesday..and I have felt as though a Mack Truck has hit me..just call me a coughing, mucus producing, sneezing machine. My head has hurt so bad and I just feel plain yucky! Thank goodness we have the week off..b/c at this moment, I went no where yesterday..and have decided to watch Bro. Billy on tv today..mainly b/c I don't want to infect anyone else..or have a "coughing spell" as my mawmaw used to call it..:)

***It is now Monday...I did go to the doctor today, and after a shot, and a round of antibiotics..another medicine..I am not going to take..I am on the mend hopefully...

Yes, I said I am not going to take a certain is a pack of some sort of steroid and I don't see the need for it. (And I researched it and there are some crazy side effects some people mentioned). I figure antibiotic should do the we will see. I have too much to do to have side effects of a medicine..I don't think I need in the first place. We have Christmas pics Wed..a dear co-worker takes pics on the side..and seriously she should do it full-time..she is really that good..and she is going to take ours Wed. and do our Christmas Cards..Basketball has started full force today..yes on our week off..but we wouldn't want to be a week behind the rest of the state now would we..I don't have anything else to blog I will sign off and finish Brylee's bath.


Angela said...

Glad to see you have returned to the ole blog...been missing you!

Hope you feel better soon!

Loves ya,

~*Lisa*~ said...

OK My precious Friend! For some reason my blog did not update that you had posted and I just now it. I am so sorry you are sick! We all know if Momma does not feel good the whole house does not feel good! ;) I pray you are feeling better and enjoying your fall break!

Thank you for the comment on the blog! You my friend are far from getting weeded out! You are one of those friends that sharpen not weaken me. I need more and more like you. I agree I believe you and I should have met years ago! Yet I feel like I have known you forever! ;o) I love you girl!