Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Our new nephew!!!

Introducing our new Nephew!!! Jaden Christopher

Here is a picture shortly after he was born.......

And here he is being held by my mother..I think they sent me this picture to make me jealous! Times like this that distance is a huge problem!!!

He was delivered by c-section due to his heart rate dropping couple of times..and when he was born..they figured out the cause..he was holding the umbilical cord! He gave his momma a fit during pregnancy and during labor..a stubborn little thing..but we are super excited he is here and healthy!


~*Lisa*~ said...

Congratulations ISI! I know what its like to be a very proud Aunt! Oh and the distance thing ha ha OH I TOTALLY UNDERSTAND!

Elizabeth said...

Brooke, thanks for your comment on my blog. You're so sweet. So, I went to yours just now - love all the pictures. Brylee is soooo cute!!! Love the pumpkin patch pictures and I scrolled down and love the one of her playing teacher. Smart Girl!

I've got to get other ladies my age to blog. I feel like an old lady at a party of young moms. Weird.

Fascinated with all the insite on raising small children. Takes me back!! Trying to figure it all out. 4 girls. That was interesting.

Aren't you in Enterprise? I'm from South Alabama. My sister taught elementary school for five years there - I used to visit her in E'prise - Could drive there easy from Troy.

Have a great day!