Monday, July 6, 2009

What did You Do for the 4th?

While my posts lately have been for prayer requests..I feel a need for a little laughter! Don't get me wrong these prayer requests have been from the heart and have been heavy on my mind..I woke up at 5:30 this morning and just spent a few moments in prayer for Jackson, Uncle Petey, Aunt Mary Jane, Riley and Kate..such special people and here lately they are not getting dealt a fair hand..but we all know WHO is in control and they are all going to be used in a mighty way for His kingdom..continue to pray for movement in Kate's right side and for complete healing of the brain tumor, Pray for Jackson as they head to St. Jude's Tuesday..I pray that the Lord is already working those tests over and that he will be completely healed...and for Uncle Petey who is in the hospital..pray for wisdom from the doctors and for wisdom in which direction to go, I pray for Mary Jane who goes to an orthopedic surgeon to see what her plan of action is on her arm..she had a rough day yesterday..trying to do too much (Imagine that)..pray for her to be able to rest, slow down and let her body heal! Please remember Riley as well..I have requested prayer for her before. She is the 3 year old from our church with cancer..and her mom shows her inspiration and love throughout this whole journey on These people amaze me and the strength they show in such hard times! funny..we are trying so hard to teach Brylee about tact..she is really learning to speak her mind and sometimes it is just not appropriate..funny in a way, but if she wasn't a darling 4 year old..she might get the beatdown by someone! For instance her big thing is.."She's fat"...ya'll I know it is terrible and I really don't know where she got the "fat" word..b/c it is a word I don't like to use and have never really talked about anyone being fat..she doesn't want to eat certain things (even if it is healthy) and her excuse is "It will make me fat"..even if it is vegetables! we were in Milky Moo's today eating ice cream and this lady came in and she knocked over a chair on accident..Brylee quickly says "She needs to watch where she is going" which I reply.."Brylee, hush up..that's not nice"..and she quickly says "WHAT MOM??? I didn't call her fat!" Will I ever make it? At least it wasn't as embarrassing as the time a lady came in Walmart with a scarf covering her face and Brylee said.."Hey's Mary, Jesus' mom!"

Truly out of the mouth of babes! Hopefully someone tell me that this will pass!

I wanted to show some quick photos from 4th of July. We usually go home for this occasion to my Aunt Carolyn's and Uncle Jerry's..but due to a week long vacation to the beach right before it..Kenny practicing and a paper due from the both of us..we just couldn't make it this time..such a disappointment but we loved going to Ft. Rucker to check out the fireworks..we went 2 years ago when we were here for whatever reason and they always do a magnificent job. I love these pics of Brylee because she is in complete can see the flicker in her eyes! And I got a couple of shots of the fireworks..there is just something about being on an army base on the 4th of July that feels right. I love it when the band does all the songs for the different areas..and people go wild if it is their department..we do on the marines because Kenny's daddy was a marine and the navy for his brother. Of course everyone yells on the army song..go figure! It is just amazing the things they people have done for our freedom and we enjoyed celebrating them this weekend.

On the actual 4th, we headed to friends to swim..they were out of town and graciously opened their home for us to "borrow"..we all had a blast! In case you can't tell, she loves her Daddy and so do I! I received the greatest compliment from a friend when she said You can tell she loves her Daddy and her Daddy loves her too".."Your family loves each other and it shows!"

Not only on this weekend do I thank God for my freedom, my salvation, and for living in America, but I thank him for my wonderful family..where He has seen us through..where He knows we are going and for a love that is so evident to those around us! We are truly blessed and thank HIM for it all!!!


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