Sunday, July 5, 2009

Uncle Petey Update

Update: Petey is in hville hospital w/severe infection...test tomorrow, brain echo, bone marrow, TEE.... the infection seems to be all over his body, but he has overcome more than this... continue PRAYERS

This was my dad's update earlier. Please pray for Uncle Petey..pray for all the tests that are being done, the infection to heal and for him to understand what is going on and get better! I can't imagine being in the hospital/care centers for that long..since early Feb. That in itself has got to be frustrating. As well for caretakers alike! I know we serve a God who is capable of all things and nothing touches us unless it goes by Him! I pray that He will do a mighty work in his life and perform a modern day miracle that surprises doctors and all who have been on this journey! Thanks for continued prayers!!! They are what keeps us all going!!