Monday, July 20, 2009

Out of the Mouths of Babes

Brylee called my daddy on the phone the other day..he was the last she hits send twice and it calls whoever I talked to last..I wish I could say..she looked it up herself..but she isn't that gifted yet..give her time :)

Anyways, she called him and started talking to him..He asked where we this time she was on her way to the bedroom..and she told him that we were in the shower playing! Ya'll I have never taken a shower with Kenny in front of her! Not even since she has been born..where does she get these things..When I was little, I did the same thing..the insurance guy called and I was by myself..and my parents had taught me to never say I was home when he asked for my dad..I said he was in the shower...he then asked for my mom..and I said she was in the shower too..and he said together? We had one I thought I had to say yes..he got the biggest laugh out of he was a family friend and figured I was probably by myself..but Brylee was just flat out lying! How embarrassing!

Today..she was pooping on the potty..I asked if she was done so I could wipe her and she replyed.."NO, not yet..there is still poop in my butt!"

Last night..she was whining in her sleep..I asked her what was wrong..and she said "My stomach hurts"..I asked her to show me where it hurts..and she said "My stomach hurts on my elbow!" Lordy!

I hope you continue to read my blog..just remember I write this for memories! All of them! ;)


Gibbons said...

That was toooo funny to read!! I love it!!!I can't wait till Christa can talk really good...