Saturday, July 11, 2009

Hill Hotel

Just call us the "Hill Hotel and Bed and Breakfast"...He He! We have Kenny's cousin, Eugene spending the night with us tonight and my dear friends Tiffany and Rowan coming tomorrow. That means bed sheets will be washed for the next customer..kinda like a B&B. I will probably not post this weekend since we will be enjoying some quality time together, unless something crazy funny happens..which is very possible! LOL Have a great weekend..till we meet again!

Hope you are still praying for our friends..The Reeds, Kate McRae, Uncle Petey and my friend Kerry's Daddy "Doc" as we call him..he is having some lesions from his bladder removed next week. So many things to pray for!


ChelRod said...

Thanks so much for putting dad on your prayer list! I know that God is in full control and will watch over him and us every step of the way!