Friday, July 17, 2009

Happy 6 Years to Us

Our actual anniversary is June 18th..but b/c I had started this post on the dated it that way...just a clarification! :)

Who would have thunk it? As my grandma would say...that this little boy...

and this little girl...

would one day grow up and live happily ever after???? marks 6 years since I married my wonderful husband..I love him so much and so much more than the day we met..we have both grown as individuals and as the family we are today. I will never forget the first time we talked on the phone which was in 1995..who knew I was talking to my future husband..oh wait..I did! And he did too..since he gave his last piece of gum to "his future wife" the SHS lunchroom. Baaahaaaa! How silly we in love we were! Who knew we would end up where we are now, at this time more 13 years a family in this small town living our day to day lives..plain and simple, nothing extravagant, just making it on love and our love for the Lord Jesus Christ? I bet if you were to poll our closest friends and family several years back..they would say "Nah, they won't make it".."They have to much going against them". And if you were to poll them now, I bet they would say "I didn't think they would make it, but they have and they show what love is all about". I say this to you now and to you Brylee whenever you may read this...Love is not about all the frilly, good time, no trouble perfect world..Love is about the good, the bad, and the ugly! You love each other through trials and love each other when you think the other one is not lovable, you love when you're on the mountain and you love when you are in the deepest of the valleys. You love when you think the other has lost his/her mind and you love when they hold you tight and never let you go...Love is a is a choice to not be taken lightly, but it is a love like no other when you truly make the choice to love unconditionally. I will say..if God is not at the center and you are not trying your best to do His Will and His work in your won't might for a little while, but if you shut Him out, it is destined to fail. He is the 3rd part of the marriage..and without his love, grace and mercy, it won't make it.

Here is a picture of my senior prom..
Kenny and I have been through a lot and we have been a lot of places in these 6 short years..but I know each and everything we have faced and people who have been in our lives..have been there for a purpose..a season..a reason. As the old saying goes.."What hasn't killed us, Has made us stronger". Each time the door of opportunity has opened, God has already laid the foundation for our move and destination. Not once have we worried where we would live or work..each one has opened up. And I firmly believe that we were sent here for whatever reason...if it is only for the wonderful friends we have made and the church we love so much.

On that day we got couldn't have been more many people put in hard work and dedication to make it perfect for me..props/chairs being hauled from boys putting the columns/ferns up for me..the weather which was oh so beautiful and the distance so many of you drove just to come support us! Wow..looking back..I am surprised even 10 people were there..but not really, b/c that is just the type of friends God has blessed us with! I remember from that day so many memories..the night before..Kenny and the groomsmen were late to rehearsal..I wanted to cry, Kenny's mom wanted to pop his head off, Clifford showing up highly intoxicated..not even part of the wedding party..but he made his debut, it was rainy and hot, barely got to practice due to the sun going down. We had a great rehearsal dinner and an even more exciting night! Sitting on the beach until the wee hours of the morning with all of our closest friends. On the next day when the limo picked us girls up..I knew it was time..and I was about to become the Mrs. Kenyatta never dreamed we would be so happy! To have all my family there, well the ones who cared were there..and poor Kristi couldn't make it..but for a wonderful reason..Campton had just been born..To have our parents/grandparents/aunts/uncles/cousins/dear friends with us..was just amazing in itself. I have always loved the beach and I loved it particularly more on this day..b/c it stood for a gentle reminder of how great our God is..and that what He was bringing together was so special!

After the wedding, the reception was just as perfect. I think everyone enjoyed themselves..and if they don't remember, we have video to prove it! We all danced the night away and then Kenny and I retired to our condo until we left for our honeymoon the next was such a magical time and I will never forget that day or the joy that surrounded it!

Kenny, I love you so much and am so proud to call you my husband. Your father and mother did an amazing job raising you and instilling the importance of family in you! You put mine and Brylee's needs first and you are such a wonderful provider for our family! The kiddo loves you so much and I do too! The way you take care of her reminds me so much of how my daddy did with me..and you know how our bond is..and I can't wait to see how yours and Brys develops as well. Thanks for being the husband you are to me and the father you are to her. I love you on this day so much more than I ever have! Here's to many more anniversaries!!!


Tiffany said...

Your wedding pictures are beautiful! Happy Anniversary...and I wish you many many more!

Leigh Anne said...

Beautiful Pics. Contrats!

Gibbons said...

Happy Anniversary!!! It seems like yesterday we were in high school..You were talking on the phone to him and I was looking out for you and me and Kenny was sitting in French class together..How time flies by!! To many more years...I love you both!!!

Miranda said...

Happy 6th Anniversary!!! Wishing you many more to come!!