Wednesday, July 1, 2009


I hate/despise the word Cancer! I almost don't want to even write it to give it attention. I wish it would just disappear..but unfortunately, it hasn't and it continues to effect those that we love and care for so much! Wanted to share a recent post from a family friend:

Amanda and Bradley Reed's son Jackson who is 3 was just diagnosed with a rare form of cancer that attacks the soft organs such as the tongue, esophagus, liver etc. He hadn't complained of anything, but fell at his daycare and bit his tongue. This is when his mother discovered the "spot". It was biopsied and the words that no parent wants to hear were uttered. From what I understand they will be traveling to St. Jude's to have some scans done to see the severity and if it has spread. I will try and keep you all updated and really desire the prayers from everyone reading this. Kenny and I went to school with both of them and to Athens State with Bradley. We think a lot of them and I think I speak for both of us that our hearts are broken! Please pray for strength, guidance, wisdom and God's grace throughout this whole process..Our God is still in the healing business and NOTHING is too big for Him!!! Thanks for the prayers!