Sunday, March 29, 2009

What a BEAUTIFUL day!!!

So just as nasty as it was yesterday when we woke up, today was a complete and total turn around! It is and has been absoloutely gorgeous! The sun shining, a nice breeze and all our windows are up to let the cool breeze flow! We got up and headed to church and had a great service..Bro. Billy preached on the paralyzed man that 4 other men brought to Jesus..have I said how much I LOVE to hear him preach? He has a way of putting things that make you go.."Wow"! He compared the sick man to sin-sick sinners in need of the touch from Jesus and the four men who brought him is the church and how we should try and bring others to see HIM...hit home when he said, "Have you brought one to church?" Most of the time, the devil is on the prowl at my house on Sunday mornings..the morning we shouldn't be so rushed, we usually are...and getting us dressed and out the door on time is just about all I can take, must less taking someone with us! But excuse..and I pray that God will give me an opportunity this week to invite someone to church!

On another note, Uncle Petey is having a great day! The best they've seen since he has been in Birmingham. He has been asked if everything was okay between him and God and he said he was saved at 10..that was reassuring..but ya'll today, my Uncle Chris asked him..and Daddy said, a huge grin came across his face and he shook his head up and down! Daddy wanted to shout! Me too..when I heard! It makes things so much easier knowing that my Uncle Petey is in God's hands and he is HIS child and that no matter what happens, he will be healed! Wether it is a miracle that we get to experience on this earth or the miracle of seeing him in Glory, either way it's going to be awesome!

We had a man and his 3 boys join the church today..and their testimony was they are the 4 Bro. Billy spoke about and they are going to bring their wife/mom to Christ! Wowzers!!! I taught one of the boys last year..and he is such a cool kid..I am so happy for their family and for the stand they are taking!

A lady at our church stands in need of your prayers..Allison Tatom..she is a young mother of 2 and is pregnant with her 3rd and went into early labor yesterday at 18 weeks..the baby was not born yet and is thriving in her mommy...awesome family of God and are putting it all in HIS hands..I pray for that sweet family and pray that you will too!

Another baby from Scottsboro is going through the same thing..she had the baby but she is very tiny and working extremely hard to live..the baby's daddy is Nick Lee..he graduated with me..I pray for that family as well!

The wreck that took 2 lives and injured others touches several families at home..and I pray for all of them!!!!

While there are tons of requests and praises, nothing takes God by surprise..and He is in control!! We praise Him today!


~*Lisa*~ said...

That's exactly right NOTHING takes the Father by surprise he has it all worked out. I just agree with you for all these families in Jesus name. We speak life health and healing, we believe no weapon formed against us shall prosper. In JESUS name! Love you ISI!