Monday, March 2, 2009

McSleeznic, UPW, and "A Lizard Holder???"

So be prepared this blog is about to be all over the place..

I was UPSET after tonight's show..and did a little artwork to relieve my stress! Enjoy!!!

Who watched Bachelor Finale??? OMGsh! I can't believe he broke that poor girls heart on national television! I mean, I am glad he finally made his mind up before ruining the REST of her life..but look what he has already done! Instead of Jason Meznic..I think he is Jason McSLEEZnic!!!! Poor Melissa...and Molly..well, won't say what I think about her..but they do involve the words..desperate, pathetic and crazy! What a sad twist and ABC ought to be ashamed!

Uncle Petey will be having a trach inserted tomorrow at about 5 please say a prayer for him as they remove the ventilator and insert the trach..I pray this will give him some relief where he can start getting better!

I went to a co-workers house down the street to finish wasting
watching the Bachelor. So, Kenny calls about 5 min. after I left and are not going to believe what just happened!!!! It was so bad, it made me spill my drink in the living room floor..I am thinking oh no! He was sitting on the couch and Brylee walks up behind him and says..Hey Daddy..did you want this? He turns around and our (NOT AFRAID OF ANYTHING CHILD) is holding her lizard by the tail!!! He wiggles and his tail falls off! He starts running (for his life I am sure)..and Kenny spills his coke and tells Brylee to get the lizard..she calmly picks him up and puts him in his cage! Ya'll, I am cracking up! She hasn't offered to touch him at all since we have had him..and now she is getting him out on her own! Poor Slimy! He might not make it many more days in the Hill Household..but what can I say, It is just another Moment in the Life of a Hill!!!!


Gibbons said...

The Bachelor! Oh my gosh! You got my messages last night..Crazy..I cannot wait till tonight to see what they have to say. Anyways, I'm still thinking of yall and Petey..Take care..

~*Lisa*~ said...

First off you know what I think about ABC and this couple that has become of this show! NOT COOL PEOPLE NOT COOL!

Your uncle is in our prayers and we pray for skilled physicians, may the father guide all the doctor's and nurses as go into that operating room IN JESUS NAME!

Your daughter cracks me up! The fact that your husband was wiggin while Bry was just cracking up over the lizard cracks me up. I can hear him Girl you better pick up that lizard! ha ha

I hope you have a great day today! Love ya ISI!

Tiffany said...

Hahahahaha....that is so funny. I quit watching the bachelor after he let Stephanie go...they never pick the girl I think is the "best" choice! I do need to read up on what happened because I've heard everyone talking about it!

Your uncle is still in our prayers. Hope he feels better soon.