Sunday, March 8, 2009

~A Weekend With Friends~

I love friendships, where you can pick up the phone..send a text message and say, "Pack your bags..and come visit this weekend"..and the friend writes back.."Serious?..why not..we will be there Sat." Especially friendships that you haven't seen in a while or had the opportunity to just sit down face to face and have a good old chat! That is exactly what happened this best friend from Daphne, Tiffany and her little girl Rowan came for a visit. Her little girl is a doll and a very smart, well spoken child for 3 years old. She had a wonderful conversation the whole time she was here, and I super hope some of her dialect rubbed off on my child! Kenny seems to think it's because Tiffany likes to talk and talks to her..(like I don't talk to my child, therefore her language suffers)..maybe so..who knows....

We began when they got here of just letting the girls play outside..they had a ball! They loved playing dress up, like it was raining, mommy and daughter and riding bikes. At one point, I asked Rowan what her name was..and she replied, "Rowan..R-O-W-A-N"...and very quickly, Brylee chimes in, "Brylee...B-R-Y-L-E-E" was much of a competition between the two most of the weekend. Brylee still struggles with the environment being "hers" and not wanting to share her things..which resulted in Rowan coming to tell, "Brylee won't share"..."Brylee hit me"..and so child the bully! She and Rowan did however have their share of "bullying" the poor 2nd grade boy on the McDonald's playground! Baaaahaaaa! He kept running back to his parents about "those girls"...neither Tiffany nor myself really saw the need to intervene in the situation since he WAS obviously in 2nd grade and they ARE 3! The way that they were bossing around with their hands on their hips and the way Brylee was shaking her head was pretty funny...we both agreed if they lived closer to each other, we might have trouble!

Brylee was a little emotional over the weekend..and I wasn't sure if it was just the fact of not wanting to share, or if she felt a tad bit bad. She pitched some major temper fall outs..which was not like her, but has been perfectly fine since they have been gone, so I am starting to think, it was just her being spoiled and selfish..oh well, she is 3 for now, and maybe in June when we turn 4, it will go away?

Today, we had every intention of going to church, but the time change got us we just had breakfast, and went and bought blue sand for Brylee's sand/water table, and let the girls play all morning. Of course, the Walmart trip ended up with a toy for each and we bought them the same prevent any arguments. After they became bored with that, we packed up and headed to the Fun Factory..the girls skated, played, and had ice cream..after that to McDonald's for more play and lunch. Came home and unfortunately soon, they had to pack up and head home to get ready for work/school tomorrow..back to the real world!

Uncle Petey is doing well in Birmingham..they did have to turn the vent back up today, but he seems to be resting and mom and dad got a chuckle out of him when they told him..if he didn't get shaved soon, he could play Santa Claus in December!

I leave you with two one who follows my blog told me that lizards can carry salmonella???? Did you know this??? We are not handling and I have told Brylee if she does, she will be punished to the 3rd degree..I am trying to convince Kenny he is now ready to go back into the wilderness..b/c of this new finding..YUCK!

Second, Brylee had Kenny's phone the other night...he went to get it and asked her why she had is her response.."Because Daddy, I needed to do my TEST messaging!!" Just another, Moment in the Life of a Hill!!!!!