Sunday, March 22, 2009

Fun times!

Not typing much today..need to keep resting..after 3 weekends in a row of company..I am tired..not complaining..just tired..and you know I have been sick since Feb.5th..went this week and had a cat scan at the local ENT..he described my sinuses the worst he had seen in 2 days..(which doesn't seem too bad..other than that is ALL he does all day) right sinus was COMPLETELY blocked..and the left was completely blocked except for a small NO WONDER I can't get well..I am now on 14 days of Levaquin, Mucinex, and steroids again! Boo..but feeling so much better..hopefully at the end of the course of antibiotics, I will be 100%! A few pics of our weekend with Kenny's brother and Martina and Jaden..He is so sweet and so good! He just smiles and looks all the time. Brylee really enjoyed playing mommy the whole weekend! I had the priviledge of helping with the BBQ rally at church for Riley Stewart..and as Bro. Billy said, we won't post the money received, but you all would only believe it by knowing it was a GOD THANG!!! I was so proud to be apart of this great community when that rolled it! We had our Ladie's Banquet Friday night at glad Martina got to go with me..beautiful tables almost 300 ladies...great music and great speaker..supposed to be Elizabeth Luter, but they had a death in the family, so we had Kyra Crowson from Crestview..awesome testimony and awesome ministry "Exodos"..check them out! Have a fantastic week!!!


Tiffany said...

She looks so cute on her big girl bike! I'm jealous have beautiful green grass and we still have all white!!!