Saturday, March 28, 2009

Good (rainy, tornado warnings, hail falling, windy) Saturday Morning!!!

So I anticipated the rain, and darkness and anticipated a nice, long sleep in this morning...NOT..we awoke at about 5:45 and I thought the windows were going to burst! It was raining, hailing, thunder and lightening like crazy! Kenny already had the tv on and a friend had sent a text message stating "seek cover" what did I do, I grabbed Brylee and got in the extra bedroom closet which is our "safe place"..while inside, I noticed Kenny's shoes with an extra layer of pollen on them..grrrroooossss! One good thing is maybe this "flood" we are still experiencing will wash the pollen is so bad here, car washes are offering "pollen washes"..

While in the closet, I kept hearing the mess going around us and I have heard people hear a "train noise"..and of course, I guess it was my imagination running wild..I heard about 3 of them! I was just holding Brylee and praying over and over, Please God protect us and keep us safe...Kenny lightly reminded me that I slept through the worst part of the again, Our God did keep us safe and He made me feel safe through the aftermath. I am sick of bad weather, and ready for it to move on out. I have always remembered the tornado in Huntsville, and now the one here and it is a lot more scary to me now, I guess because I am the momma..but thank the Lord Brylee still thinks it's cool to stay in the closet..and it doesn't bother her when the thunder rolls. We found her in this position the other night..I guess she was preparing for and practicing her safety plan!
She, out of the blue, wanted to go to bed, so she said nite nite..and got in the hall closet. A few minutes later, she was OUT! Welcome to our town..I guess the new "Tornado Alley"..where a kid gets used to sleeping in the closet!