Saturday, March 7, 2009

Lord, I Just Want to Thank You....

Good Saturday Morning...I want to do something a little different this morning..I am always asking for prayer requests on here and seem to never just do a Thanks I want to share some pretty awesome things with you...

*Praise God for my health, family, and for our MANY blessings. Most of the time, I think we all take for granted what we have and sometimes "expect" things to be good, and my friends, ALL that we have is from HIM and all that we get is so undeserving! I thank God for my salvation, for my wonderful husband and daughter, my loving parents, who show me unselfish love and a true Christian attitude, my Godly grandparents still alive..for the joy I saw on their faces when we stopped by and spent some time with them, for all of my family on my side and Kenny's side..we are TRULY blessed with some lovely family memembers!!!

*I thank God that Laura is on a plane as I type headed to Ethiopia to pick up Sweet Mercy!!! She is coming home and once again, God has proven to be faithful over and over in their life and that situation!

* I thank God that Miss Riley is home in E-town..with her family!!! I pray that her battle with ALL will go quickly and smoothly and that God will receive all glory during it and that she will come out stronger and an awesome witness for His love, mercy and faithfulness!!!

* I thank God that my Uncle Petey was moved to Bham...he is in a hospital that is a step down trach hospital where they are specialized to wean patients off of the vents and trachs..and I know God is going to be faithful in this situation.

* I thank God for my of my bests and her daughter are coming in a few hours..and I thank God for the time we are about to spend together..isn't it awesome when He puts people in your path at the right time of your life..

*I thank God for my job, and for the children I work with..I believe every person is put in our lives for a reason, and although we may not understand it now, somehow, He is shaping and molding us to be more like Him.

*I thank God for the little things in life!

*I thank God for my church and the ministry of love and grace they have shown so many times to so many people! I am glad we were placed at HBC!!!!!

I could go on with my "thankfulness" post all day...when I stop and think of what I am thankful for, all I can do is bow my head and say "Thank You"!

So, what are you thankful for today? You can either leave me a comment with it, or you can leave a comment with a link to your blog where you have done a thankful post!

Have a super is a beautiful one here and I look forward to our friends arriving!!!!


Angela said...

Great post! We DO have so much to be thankful for...and most of the time we don't even acknowlege it..Today, I too am thankful for all the souls that were saved at the Crusade last night, my family, my health, my job, my friends, and yes even the trials that I go through in this life. Trials only bring me closer to Him.

Have a great weekend!
Loves ya,
Aunt Angela