Sunday, February 15, 2009

My Uncle Petey

Prayer Partners...My family and uncle really needs your prayers...I have called on several of you through phone calls, text messages and the Internet to pray for him. My uncle Petey Whitehead is sick. He started getting sick about 2 weeks ago and was rushed to the ER in Scottsboro. They did a few tests and discovered a spot on his brain and he was med-flighted to Huntsville. He apparantley had a stroke. After a few tests he was moved to ICU an stayed about a week. After all the meds, he seemed to be doing much better and came home this past Wednesday. At about 4 that evening, he had another stroke, this one was much worse than the first. Again he was taken to Huntsville and moved into ICU again. After doing a little better, they moved him out into a room. This morning at about 2, another stroke occured. He is back in ICU. This time he has lost pretty much all use of his throat, and is having a hard time swallowing.

I want to ask you all to join me in praying for him. He is a great man and our family cares so deeply for him. My parents and other aunt and uncle are staying with him..rotating nights and shifts. I know they are tired and am sure they need prayers for strength and wisdom as well. I pray that my Uncle Petey's body will heal and that the Lord will grant wisdom to the doctors, nurses and care staff, I pray that He will heal Uncle Petey's body and make him whole again, I pray for strength, wisdom and peace for all of those taking care of him. Please join me and add his name to your prayer list. Thanks for all the prayers so far...~Lisa, when I called you and you prayed, Girl, it was a wonder I didn't wreck with the tears flowing..I seriously needed wipers for my eyes! LOL..but prayer works and it creates miracles. I am thankful for all of you that I can call upon and you stop what you are doing and pray! I love you all!