Wednesday, February 18, 2009

How Old Do You Feel Tonight????

How old do I feel tonight??? OLD..first of all, I have pulled a muscle and have inflammation in my side from coughing..(got a shot, steroids, and an inhaler tonight)..fell at the game today..yes, while holding Brylee, I stepped off the 1st step and hit a spot of water and down we went, but according to the witnesses, I fell very graceful, and held Brylee up and above me, so she didn't feel a thing. I just did what any other mother would do, the graceful part was just a Brooke Thing! But, I do have a lovely bruise and scrape to show just how graceful I was...also, after the Daphne game today, a guy came up to me and said, "You don't know me, do you?"...I said of course I do..and he asked me the million dollar question, "What is my name then?" Thank God, someone said, Hey Brandon..come here..I immediately recognized him..I taught him in 7th grade my 2nd year of teaching..and he was not this big then, and he did not have long, he, on top of the fall, lung/cough/muscle disease I have going on made me feel is a pic we got together..I am SO proud of him and what he has become..he did an awesome job today and I am glad to say he was a former student. He was in a 7th grade science class where I collaborated with another teacher and still has the same sweet personality he always had!

I will add more pics from the game battery is dead...We lost, but the boys played a great game and had nothing to be ashamed of..2 of our seniors were out, one with a broke wrist and one who had to have knee surgery. All of the guys were awesome..and Brylee got her pic on the front page of the sports section from the Sub-Regional Championship..I will also include that in the pics..All of our guys did great was great to be an EHS cat today!!!! Back to the real world tomorrow!