Sunday, February 22, 2009

~Prayerful Tonight~

Before I go to bed..I wanted to update my prayer list...I found some notes from a previous message..concerning Suffering..There are a few things we know for sure..1.) it is going to come...2.) It can come to purify us...3.) It can come to identify us...4.) It can come to glorify Christ in our lives. I pray that through anything I or my family goes through that HIS name is glorified and is shining through the suffering..I pray that we do not lose focus of WHO is in control and that Our Lord Jesus Knows what is going on even when the doctors do not, and He knows the outcome of every situation..that we don't forget He is the same God yesterday, today and forever more! Suffering comes to all people..not just good or bad..and suffering is sometimes derived because we belong to that we can be distinguished as His and commit our soul to Him continuing to do good and what is right.

I guess I got a little discouraged today with all that happened with Uncle Petey..I can only imagine how he is feeling and how my mother and her sister has to be discouraging..but I know they have faith and serve the same God I do, and I hope they are quickly reminded as I was tonight of Who is holding his hand and right beside each breath that is being taken!!!!

Also, add to your list, my pastor's mother..they found out she has cancer in her liver and lungs, and fell and broke her rib. Pray for my friend Michelle's niece, Ella Kate Whitton, she was born with Treacher Collins Syndrome, in UAB in the NICU and for the doctors that will be caring for her...I also have a friend from high school who has made some bad choices and her life needs prayer and God right now, my heart breaks for her and I hope she knows people care and are praying for her!!!! Pray for my friend's daddy who just had knee surgery..doing well last I heard..and for Sweet Mercy who will be making her journey home to her family from Ethiopia...VERY SOON!!! A miracle right before our eyes!!! I want to post her soon as I let me know Lisa/Laura!!!