Saturday, August 23, 2008


***Before I blog..if you will notice..I have a "tracker" to the left of my tells me where you come from when you come by my page..I have had visitors from New Hampshire, Scottsboro, Auburn, Huntsville, Colorado, Atlanta and those are just a few to name..but no one leaves any love! Come on people..comment me...:)

Well, here's a blog dedicated to another Sappy Saturday..not as bad as it was expected to be with FAY coming our WAY!!! But did rain most of all last night and some today..and it isn't over yet! So, Brylee is napping, I am trying to do about 5 different things at a time, and yet the thought of blogging as distracted me again. Or should I say, the computer has distracted me..I am helping a friend find some last minute addresses for our 10 year reunion..and I have discovered that some of our class just doesn't want to be found! PERIOD..I mean...we have called, sent things that come back, myspaced, facebooked..and we still have a good 30 people to be found. I know she is stressing, because we don't want to leave ANY one out..because Every person we graduated with has a special place in our class and it wouldn't be the Class of 1999 without everyone! So, that has taken up a good part of my morning..and making Brylee's "All About Me poster.." I will post the finished product at a later date..I am super proud of it! We are just lazying around today and are so enjoying it! Kenny thinks he is Obama's right hand he is on the text messaging list for a direct text from him..and found out at 2 in the morning who his running mate is..He cracks me probably millions of others didn't get that same message! This election..well, all I can say, is not the best election we have ever had..I am not excited about either candidate..honestly..I like things about both of them..but then I don't like other things about I will be glad when it is over. On the subject of work, I absolutely LOVE my school kids this year..they are so funny! Can't go into a lot of details on here b/c of privacy issues..but lets just say that some keep me on my toes..and keep my tummy laughing! So innocent, so loving and just plain good is in most of our children these days! I love that God has placed me at HH and that he allows me to work with the kids I work with. They are as good for me as I am for them! Such blessings! Thought I was getting some sort of a virus last week, but it seemed to go away..and we (Brylee and I) do have a head we are trying to shake that off. Pray for Brylee on Sunday..we got a post card from her SS teacher (who we are VERy thankful for)..she is a precious lady...and they will be dressing as Doctors in class..not sure what theme it is for or where it is going,,,but ever since we took Brylee to the ER and they did unpleasant things to her..she HATES she may Hate SS in the morning! LOL I have got to run..b/c I have tons to do while she finishes napping..but I have to share this! Also, again, if you haven't read the blog to your left..about Audrey Caroline..I encourage you too..she is awesome!!

*My friend bought a gold cross necklace for her little girl. While at daycare..another child bit it and swallowed the cross..Tiff thinks he has Jesus in his heart now! and She also said he might be "crosstipated"...I thought that was the funniest thing I have heard in a while..just a little humor for your Saturday.


Miranda said...

Funny that the bottom half of the state is getting tons of rain from Fay and I just came in from watering my flowers in Scottsboro. LOL I understand totally about people visiting my blog tons tell me they read it but I get no comments....

Angela said...

I can relate to no one commenting! I put the godtube thing of Chris "frisking" on mine and the video has had over 1600 hits so...I know they have been on there...and I would love for them to create blogs for me to read!

Oh! And here's some love...loves ya! Aunt Angela