Sunday, August 3, 2008

Nick Bradley

***UPDATE*** I just got a call letting me know that Nick is now in the States in Washington. Chantel and her father should be there by now..they were flying up to be with him..SO...again, God answered our prayers...apparantley..the bomb should have blown everything to pieces..but the SUV he was in had a metal plate and it went off below him..but threw him from the again, a few cuts, bruises, lost 3 fingers...but is ALIVE..only by God's hand! Thanks for praying!

Below is a bulletin I received from Natalie Manning Garner...This is devastating news to all..I want to ask all of you to remember them in prayer and to pray for Nick and his surgeries, the doctors taking care of him, his sweet wife Chantel, precious baby girl..and for safe travels home. I can't imagine what they are going through...but I pray that they will feel God wrap His arms around them and keep them safe!...I am so heartbroken ......

Please everyone keep Nick Bradley and his family in your prayers. He is the husband of Chantel Dawe Bradley. They have one daughter, Khaila, who is 2. Hes been in Afghanistan since March and was hit by a roadside bomb last night. This is a horrible time for this family and they will need all the prayers that they can get. Just pray he makes it through all his surgeries and gets back to the states safely. I dont know what God has planned for this family, but I know he does everything for a reason. They are all very special and dear to my heart, and I hate to see such pain in their lives. My heart aches for him to be so brave to take on the job he does and fight not only for his families freedom, but for everyone of us.Thank you for taking time to read this! May God bless you all!!


Angela said...

We will be praying for this family!

Keep praying for us this week too!

Loves you,
Aunt Angela

The Boatner Family said...

PRAISE GOD! That's is great news!