Saturday, August 16, 2008

Sappy Saturdays

There is nothing better than a rainy Saturday afternoon with nothing to do..especially after a week of work. We woke up this morning..I went back to sleep after morning routines..and then Kenny and Brylee got ready to go on an afternoon date to the movies. They had a blast..and Brylee questions as she is about to go out the door, "You going with us Mommy?"..."No, I think I will stay here..." which Brylee replies, "Well, then, you can clean up the house and My room, Bye..Love you" HA! She cracks me up. So I did get the living room, kitchen and some laundry finished, but I DID NOT clean her room..she is getting big enough to do that herself! :) She came home from the movie and decided that it was "COLD" because it is cloudy outside and put on her Adidas outfit that is winter attire. We had original plans of a birthday party in Dothan for today, but of course it rained. I worked on the invitations for my brother-in-laws baby shower today..and am super excited at my creation. I can't wait to get them out for the party to welcome little Jaden Christopher! So here's to sappy Saturdays with drippings of rain! Oh yea..tomorrow our new choir director (well, new choir director based on if the congregation votes on him tomorrow) will be here tomorrow for his first service..exciting times in the life of HCBC!!