Monday, August 25, 2008

No School Until 10!!!

**********UPDATE**********NO SCHOOL FOR THE DAY!!!!!!!!!!

Growing up as a kid, I remember waiting on the tv news to come on and say, "Scottsboro City Schools will be closed today, or Scottsboro City Schools will be delayed 2 hours"...especiallly if we had snow..That meant one thing...NO SCHOOL! Well, as an adult, I have to say, I love my job, and I am very thankful that God has blessed me with it, but I secretly get a little excited when school is delayed or closed. Now, don't get me wrong..we don't get much snow, well any snow here, so that usually means bad weather if we are out of school. But, this morning, I woke up, Kenny began his routine of bathing Brylee, and all of a sudden out of nowhere..his Nextel starts is the High School principal saying all schools will be delayed until 10 am this morning. What? Kenny had to do a beep back with "Come again"...and he of course repeated what we thought we which he replied with a 10-4. Yes, even though I am an educator and I love for my kids to get all they deserve and trust me with all that is required these days, it takes every second in the day, I did have a smile this morning. :) The following picture is of Brylee's "About Me" poster I worked the weekend on and the second pic is of her enjoying cartoons while she waits for 10 oclock to come! For a Monday, it has started of purty good!


Angela said...

I wish I had of had one of those delayed mornings...:( today has def. been a Mon.!!!

Hope the rest of your week goes well!

Loves ya,
Aunt Angela

The Boatner Family said...

Oh I remember watching channel 19 or listening to WNDA on the radio to see if our school was out. I went to private school so it took a lot of careful watching to see if we were going to be out! Ha Ha You just brought back lots of great memories for me from school days!