Thursday, July 10, 2008

On Last Vacation of the Summer

We are once again in the BORO...will be for a few I will not be able to blog much. In our family, the only access to a computer is our dear Aunt Joanne..and I hate to spend too much time on it when we are visiting with unless a miracle occurs and a computer with internet access shows up, it will be awhile folks..Post when I post!


Brooke and David said...

Hey Brooke! If found you on here a while ago via your myspace. I've stopped by a few times and checked out your site. I enjoy reading your blogs. You always seem to be so inspirational to me! I hope you are enjoying your visit with the fam. It's extremely hot here today!

Brysmommy, Kenswifey said...

Awww..thanks..are you in Ft. Rucker full time now? If so, we must get together and go to dinner or something! And if you are not, (You could be, b/c of so many people..we might not run into eachother) come and visit church..I know I have seen David there a couple of times! Take care..and we should be back next weekend!