Sunday, July 27, 2008

Power of Prayer

Thanks to all of you who have contacted me about your "blinking" moments...when you think about it..we could add several to our list everyday! I do want to take a moment and ask you to remember the church in Knoxville where a guy opened fire this morning..when I read 10:20 a.m..I had a thought of where we were..Kenny and I sitting on the pew waiting on church to begin..Brylee safe in her nursery class..and yet..we were no different than what those innocent people were doing..waiting to worship their what should be a Safe sad..but I pray that God will be glorified through it all!!! Can't wait for tomorrow night..if you are in the Enterprise area, or within 2 should definitely be at Hillcrest tomorrow night..I know you will receive a blessing..with Fred Luter preaching and Chuck Sullivan leading worship..I know as Bro. Billy said, "It's going to be off the chain"! We had a miracle in church today..a guy who had a motorcycle accident..landed in an ant a coma...doctors said he wouldn't make it..and GUESS WHAT..He was in church today...Whoop Whoop Woo!!! I wanted to post a note I put on response to the miracle we saw today! Have a blessed rest of the weekend!

An exerpt from an Elizabeth George Bible Study:"An essential aspect of prayer is faith. Our faith in God grows as we pray and experience God's answers to our prayers. Doubts and life struggles can discourage us, but we know that God hears and responds to the prayers of those who abide in Him. We can experiecne the blessing of greater faith as we pray."

~This has been so true in my life. Earlier in life, I used to think that good things that happen are because of luck or in other luck at all. I have always believed in prayer and KNOW that it got me through some tough situations, even when I couldn't pray but I knew others were praying. As I started a few Bible Studies, I started writing specific prayer needs in my Bible..and have had the honor of going back and recording when that prayer request was answered or how God was in the process of working it out! Those times are SUCH encouragements to me now when I am praying for someone or something..I KNOW without a shadow of a is not about luck or about how good we is the total control of God and how He continues to amaze me everyday. Things happen in our lives..and we have no clue why or what the reason is at the time..but I pray that when it does happen, we will look back on other times..and see that HE never leaves us and ALWAYS does what is best!


Angela said...

I love the new layout! I love the "BLINKS" too!

I hope you have a wonderful week!

Love you,
Aunt Angela

Elizabeth Stewart said...

And just why am I not on your blogger friends section?

WHO is preggers?