Thursday, June 17, 2010

What a Break me a slacker if you will..I just haven't had the "want to" to reason..just unmotivated. I know I have missed so much I could have blogged since December..but I do realize what a wonderful way it is to remember things and I love my blog, I will start now and catch you up a little at a time...

We had a wonderful Christmas..God was just as good as He always is to us..we were totally blessed. My grandmother had been in the nursing home and got to come was definitely a blessing as well just for her to be there..she had been through so much.

Soon after..we had a very UNEXPECTED surprise..SNOW!!! Yes, it snowed never snows here! That, however, was our last time to see our precious..Meeko..he soon passed away and is now living in Heaven. He spent a many years with our family..and is missed everyday.

Spring Break and testing all came and went very soon and we were out of school in early seemed like forever but thank did come!

We have hit the waterparks and swimming pools, had basketball camp, VBS and Brylee's 5th birthday are a few pics..and I promise to update you all much better from now on! If any of you are still there! LOL


Laura Forman said...

Just thinking about you the other day and sad that you hadn't posted in so long and then today I read this...made me smile...glad you are back! :)