Friday, June 18, 2010


I was missed! Thanks Laura for noticing and missing me! ;)

Day 5 of V-V-V-BS is was a great week with 45 professions of faith (last I heard). Tomorrow will wrap it up with our Special Education is a great way to end it all..and I receive a blessing each time..those adults love some Jesus! Probably the way we all should! I loved all first very few children prayed..and then by the end of the week in our prayer time..they just prayed their hearts out and the wonderful requests..and God even answered a few during this week..they were super excited to see He listened and He cared! My own child, this week, has ventured out of the "scripted prayer"..and begin asking for things that are really important to her..I just love how God works in little ones hearts and opens them so that they can learn true trust of Him!

We had a great family night..and even saw a few people ride the mechanical the world's best children's director..

and I don't say that lightly..I have never seen a children's department so organized and eventful as ours. She loves what she does..loves Jesus and loves is obvious..and I am so glad God chose HBC for us to be apart of and raise Brylee to know Him better!

Not only did some of the kiddos ride, but Dr. Mynatt, our pastor, stole the show with his riding skills. It was a great night and wonderful way to wrap up the week.

I took Brylee on post last week and she got to see Elmo and friends up close. She has really outgrown Elmo and Sesame Street..but she still smiles when she sees or hears him!

Brylee had her last day of preschool/daycare today and is now a summer bum until August 23rd..when "big" school begins..THAT will be a post in itself I am sure! Until tomorrow..or something interesting happens..have a good night!