Sunday, June 27, 2010

Parties and a Prayer

Yesterday was a day of parties..Brylee had two birthday parties to go to and we had a ball at both. The first one was a sweet, sweet little girl..Victoria..her daddy and Kenny coach together and it was her first birthday. She had a ball. Many family and friends were there and they had an awesome spread of food. The kids played and she opened is amazing she is a year old and next week she will be welcoming her baby brother into the world..I know they are so excited..Babies are such a blessing and the thought that God trusts us to raise, nurture and teach them about Him is amazing. The miracle of life is so wonderful and it never gets old!

The second party was for our long time..(well, 4 years) friend Jake..Brylee LOVES Jake. They have been at the same daycare together since Brylee was about 14 months old and is probably her longest friend that she still talks with almost daily. Just yesterday I watched as they both were helping eachother and taking care of each other at the party. I have a feeling it will be one of those friendships that doesn't come along often. He is the sweetest boy and we enjoyed his party so much! Great water slide, pizza and doesn't get much better than that!

I have been following Haley Castille on Facebook since she was tagged in some pictures that a mutual friend was tagged..this girl is awesome. She is married to former Alabama football player Simeon Castille. She has a heart for God that is contagious. If you were not a believer before you met her, I bet you would be after. She just listens to Him and says what He would have her to say. One thing she has posted really spoke to my heart...

You can't fix people. You can't force them to trust God, have faith or live right. All you can do is PRAY. That's your most POWERFUL weapon! God wants ALL the credit for moving in their lives, so usually He won't move on them until you start PRAYING. Try it. It works every single time.

This is so true..often times I have tried to fix people or try and make them do what I think they should do. Have I prayed for them? Absolutely..have I prayed my heart out for them..and just allowed God to work without me interfering? Nope..haven't done that..I always try and do something to help the situation or make it better. Thank you Lord for using something so simple as a Facebook status to remind me that you are in control..NOT me..maybe not my timing, but YOUR timing..Lord, you know my heart, you know my desire and I pray that you will continually remind me that YOU got don't need my help!!!