Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day

I love Father's Day..for a couple of is always in the honors the men I love most and it is just so special b/c of the men I have around me. I have been blessed to have been brought up in a Christian family is a Christian family..(not perfect)..but saved by grace.

My Grandfather is a preacher and has always strived to be what God would have him to be..He is definitely older now, but I still love going to his house and seeing what new animals he has inherited or bought..Brylee calls it the "chicken house"..or "goat house"..whatever the Trade Day was selling for the week. He has got a little more laid back in his older years..I love hearing stories about how Daddy and his siblings didn't have tv until they were grown and couldn't go to movies..still don't know if Papaw has ever been to a movie or not..but he loves his satellite tv!

It is obvious he is loved not only by me..but by his great-granddaughter!
He wrote a poem many years ago..I am blessed to have a copy of it and I wanted to share it with you's very appropriate since he was remembering his daddy in it..

Lord, It's Me Again

I guess it's only natural as the years pass away to think about our childhood and the things of yesterday; to think about our homestead, the place where we were born, it may have been a palace, or a humble little farm. Our roof could be leaking or the floors rough and bare, but it didn't seem to matter long as Dad and Mom were there. I know that you remember many things that make you glad. And I especially like to think about my boyhood with my Dad. I remember how he'd wake me every morning before the day, and sometimes I'd be so sleepy, I'd wish he'd go away. But then he'd sit down by me and put his hand upon my head and say, You'd better get up son, that team's got to be fed. And then as he was leaving, I'd always hear him say; "Put your hand upon us Lord, and keep us through this day." And somehow those words would stir me and sleep from me would fade. So I'd grab my ragged britches and the shirt my Mom had made, and we'd head out toward the barn. I can almost see us now, and Pa would feed the horses while I would milk the cow. And then when we would finish, he'd quietly skip away to a spot down on the hillside where he seemed to like to pray. Sometimes he'd sit down on a log or lean against a tree, but usually as I recall, he'd get down on one knee. And how I still remember the tingle on my skin as Dad would always start his prayer with, "Lord, it's me again." Twelve years have passed and gone since Daddy went away. I still miss the things he used to do and say. But I guess he's mighty happy in that new home he's found, with all the angels singing and saints close around. And someday I'm gonna meet him in a place taht's free from sin. And it's all because my Daddy prayed, "Lord it's me again."

The next man important in my life is my't even begin to describe him, but if you know know why..he is so special to me and so many other people..he is the rock of our family..the one thing that is always KNOW you can count him. He loves all of us so much and is the epitome of what I think God was talking about in the Bible as he described fathers and how they should be the head of the household. It takes a great person to sacrifice everything that he has to help and provide for his family..that is what my daddy does and has always done! I thank God that He chose Mickey to be my father and to raise me in a loving, caring environment where I knew God came first in our home! You are an amazing Dad and an amazing Poppa!!! We love you and thank you for everything!

Brylee has another grandaddy she cares for deeply. She lights up when she sees him..and they love to mess with each other. He is always joking with her and she loves to try and trick him too! I remember when Brylee was a baby, he wouldn't hold her because he said she is "too small" used to crack me up! He has always been a hard worker and provided for Kenny growing up..I thank him for raising such a wonderful son!

That brings me to the next man in my life..Kenny Hill..what a wonderful husband. He is a provider, a comforter and an amazing dad to Brylee. They sure share many loves including animals, bugs, sports and games. She loves her daddy..he encourages her in all she does and loves to play with her. If he says something..she believes it with no doubt. Kenny is a wonderful father, he always goes above and beyond to help with Brylee. I often hear others complaining about having to do "everything" at home..well, that is simply not the case at my house. Kenny helps me out so much..we have a true team going on. Sometimes I think back to how much I loved my daddy growing up and I can see the same love between Bry and her daddy. She knows he is her protector and provider..I pray she loves him and through that love she learns the love of her Heavenly Father!