Monday, April 6, 2009

What's the Easter Bunny Bringing to Your House?

I wrapped up Brylee's Easter basket contents this week. I am super excited because she has some really neat things. I wanted to share them if you are looking for any last minute items and also since this blog will eventually go in a book for Miss Brylee! The first item is the "Resurrection Eggs". I almost got these last year, but figured Brylee was a little too young. Honestly, she probably is too young this year, but I plan on introducing them to her. Next year, we will start 12 days early and cover an egg each day..with the "Empty Tomb" egg being opened on Sunday. If you haven't seen these things, they are pretty cool..and are a great way to teach the resurrection story. The next pictures are of Brylee's new rainboots and Barbie and Dog...We have needed some rain boots these days..and now that we have them, it probably won't rain anymore! The Barbie and Dog has a shower and bath. Everytime it comes on tv, Brylee says "I want that Mommy"..and we have yet to find it, but I, er, the Easter Bunny found it!

Next, we have several books about Moses, Easter Story, Bible Prayers, Wooly Lamb movies, Curious George, Hannah Montana stuff and a doggie puzzle.

What Easter basket wouldn't be complete without a stuffed lamb and some CHOCOLATE???? We also bought her the Bolt movie..I hope she loves it as much as her friend Rowan! I am ready so we can watch it!

So, I hope it helps you out if you need some ideas..enjoy and have a blessed night!

P.S. Uncle Petey had another great day..taking baby steps, but he is headed in the right direction..
P.S.S. Pray for Riley Stewart as she journeys to Birmingham in the morning..more on specifics to pray for are at


Tiffany said...

I'll have to look into those eggs. That sounds pretty neat. I haven't seen any around here though. Maybe I can order some for next year. I love the rain boots. I want some for me!!! Looks like Miss Brylee is going to have a wonderful Easter morning!

Angela said...

Chris could have used those eggs last night! They were using them at Bible Release Time today..couldn't find ours though..nice basket!!!

Angela said...

Thank you for putting the button on your page. God is good. She was moved to a step down room today! :)