Sunday, April 19, 2009

We have had a blast! We left out Friday and headed to Baton Rouge..Yes, we are LSU fans..if you didn’t know! We love some purple and gold…T-I-G-E-R-S…I have honestly never really cared for football growing up..although my Daddy and the majority of my family have always been Alabama fans..I remember always going against him..which is crazy..b/c I adore him..but it always made things fun. When Kenny and I married..I decided pull for LSU..they just happened to win a National Championship in 2007, which is why I have been accused of “jumping on a bandwagon”. Yes..I did..the bandwagon of love! Because if they don’t win, then I don’t have a very happy husband. I love the team. We got to meet most of the players, and I just love the Cajun Spirit..on game day and their attitudes after. So, to end up our spring break, we decided to make a quick trip down and go to a few LSU sporting events. We had a pass that if you went to 4 of 6 sporting events this weekend, you got a free t-shirt. Wow, what we will do to get a free t-shirt!

We went to a baseball game on Friday night, Softball on Saturday, grand opening of the Tiger Shop, and the LSU spring game on Saturday evening. It was jam packed, but we had a blast!!! LSU’s baseball team is currently #1 in the nation and we enjoyed watching them play Tennessee..Those balls were flying and out of the park. The score was 18-3! On Saturday morning, we headed up to the stadium to hit the store..We all bought a few items and got to see Mike the Tiger in his $5 million habitat! He was massive huge..and he is just a cub! Brylee got a mermaid balloon and a sweet lady drew her picture.

After that, we headed to the softball game to watch LSU girls take on #1 ranked Florida. Unfortunately LSU lost both of those games..couldn’t touch Florida’s picture. According to my cousin, Jessica, the first string picture is an all American and the second string has never lost a game in college! It was very fun to watch and brought back a lot of memories..(Definitely not that I was college material, but sure did enjoy playing softball). Since we weren’t dressed for the spring game, we had to go back to our hotel, which was downtown by the mighty Mississippi River, and get dressed. I love a good hotel! Let me tell you..dinner delivered to the room, valet parking, comfy beds and pillows, clean up while we are gone..and free internet! I could go and just stay in the room sometimes! Spring game here we come..traffic was NOTHING like we have experienced on game day before, but definitely packed, so Kenny let us out with my cop friend to wait while he parked.

I say my “cop friend” because we first met in Atlanta. He was an official cop with the team to “protect” them from crazies like me! He He! I would follow him around with my camera and he would give me insight on which way the team would come or go..and all their secrets! Yeah RIGHT!!! I begged but he wouldn’t dare let it slip…he just laughed at me and never made me leave him alone. When we saw him, I just knew he would remember me! And he did! He just busted out laughing and told me I had just missed Les Miles! Spring game was much fun and Brylee was in “Tiger Heaven”. She got her picture made with a couple of cheerleaders, so she was very happy!

Notice Brylee is prepared for the rain that did NOT come..had I not been prepared, it would have rained like it had never rained before! LOL

After we got our free t-shirts, we met up with a guy Kenny is friends through some LSU tiger site. He works there and Kenny has given him a few insights on some players. He was very nice and they were glad to meet up in person. After we headed back to the hotel and ordered in for a picnic as Brylee called it. Called it a night around 11..ha or so we thought! At about 1:30, they announcement came on that an alarm had been set in the building to evacuate not using elevators!!!! My first thought was “TORNADO”..don’t ask why..I guess because of so many lately, and because it was storming outside..but then I remembered, why would we go outside for a tornado? So, we get up, throw shoes on, grab a sleeping Brylee and head down 7 flight of stairs along with a lot of other frazzled hair, bad breath, occupants! Did I mention it was raining? Well, it was and it was a cold rain coming off the river! Kenny says, “Remind me to tell you something when we get back up”..the announcement is made that it was a false alarm..which could be a good thing..we get to go back to our room..but why was it a malfunction? Did someone pull it, or is it not working? We head back up and Kenny just bursts out laughing! He tells me the story which is a proof of “WHAT GOES AROUND, COMES AROUND”!!! Apparently, when Kenny was at Mercer University, he and his roommate thought it would be “funny” to pull the fire alarm of another dorm..and it too was raining outside! He and his roommate watched from their dry and warm dorm as hundreds of boys went running outside! Can you believe this??? I know if Ms. Reba is reading, she is not shocked! So, in all actuality, I was getting Kenny’s payback! LOL

We had a pretty uneventful night after that..and got some much needed rest before the long journey home on Sunday. Brylee has had car sickness issues since she was about 1…a gene she inherited from her daddy’s side of the family. So we finally got the go ahead from the doctor to give Benadryl while young and then eventually go to Dramamine. Brylee gets her half pill of Dramamine about 30-45 minutes from when we are about to leave. Apparently, it didn’t get in her soon enough as we were leaving Baton Rouge..within about 15 minutes, she was throwing up. Yuck! What a way to begin a 6 hour journey home. Once she was done, she was done and wanting to eat! So, we stopped and got some food and then headed on to Enterprise. Traffic was really not bad and we had a great ride with no rain..which was surprising, because we just knew we would hit all the storms that were coming.

Made it home to CLEAN carpet I might add! We had Joe from “Abracadabra” come clean on Thursday before we left..and he does a fantastic job! If you ever need your carpet cleaned, we TOTALLY recommend him!

Back to work tomorrow…but only a few more weeks and it is SUMMER!!!


dylonhoustonlaetonreid said...

Looks like you guys had a blast. Your daughter is gorgeous.



Tiffany said...

Sounds like a great weekend. I can't wait to get back in the south. I'm so jealous you guys were in shorts and tanks. It's warming but we still have a solid white backyard! Hopefully soon we will head that way!!!!

I had to laugh at Kenny's "alarm" story. Don't you just love the ideas that guys get. I just don't get it! There minds are just so different!

Angela said...

Looks like ya'll had a great time! Sorry that your hotel stay was interupted by a fire drill!

When I was in the hospital having my gall bladder removed when Sarah was 5 weeks old...we had a tornado drill at 2 am. Not pleasant!