Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter 2009

Happy Resurrection Day! Well, our Easter has been quite different than any other Easter we have had..first thing..we had no Easter outfits..not because we couldn't afford it, not because we didn't want any..just because we haven't had time to get anything and because when I decided to go look yesterday at the 2 shops we have in Enterprise, there wasn't anything..and nothing I wanted to stand in line for along with all the other last minute Easter dress shoppers. So, we decided we would make due with what we had and it was just fine! This Easter holiday started out with Brylee getting a package from was the biggest doll I had ever seen and a pink bunny who dances and sings..So funny..what was more funny was the reaction I gave when I came in and saw it laying on my bed..and I thought it was a person! Brylee loved it and Kenny was fortunate enough to catch it on video. She was so excited. .
Next my parents popped in. They brought Brylee a few goodies as well. She always loves to have visitors in the house..and if it is Poppa and Nenne, she is super happy! We spent the weekend at the park for Saturday morning..she participated in the city egg hunt and found a few eggs. We went to the Waffle House for and I got our toes done, Dad and Mom took Brylee to the Fun Factory..came home and everyone napped. We then all took naps. When Poppa woke up, he had a surprise waiting on him in the kitchen..we had ice cream and birthday cake, because his birthday is next week. Then we took a trip back to the park for Brylee to ride her bike..supper at Santa Fe..that was so much fun! Today has been a great Sunday..we woke up to Brylee's fun surprises left by the Easter Bunny. We had a great time..Poppa and Brylee played with Barbie and her dog..and the puzzle..then unfortunately they had to leave. They were headed back to Bham to check on Uncle Petey..Brylee kept saying she wanted to go check on "Little Petey".. It was tear jerking to say the least..and Brylee was not happy to see them leave, but she calmed down a few minutes later. On a side note..he seems to be doing somewhat better..he loves the balloon we sent him..and had dad and mom play it over and over sings "Don't Worry..Be Happy"..he wants to tell them things so badly but can't..I can't wait until he can talk again! We all began to get ready for church..and I started feeling super bad..I still have this cold mess and a little worse than before..going to the doctor tomorrow..I have got to shake this stuff! I was completely ready and decided not to go and let Brylee and Kenny go without me..after they left, I started thinking's Easter..resurrection day..I am not staying I put my clothes back on and got to church just in time to walk in with glad I went..songs were awesome, message was awesome and the spirit was there..and I only coughed once or twice..that was God me! Again..glad I went and didn't let the devil stop me from going! Here are a few pics from the weekend..and today..I hope everyone had a great day!


Gibbons said...

I loved the doll!! I was not expecting it to be that big..I loved how Kenny got Brylee on video without the doll and then moves to it..Its like WOW when you see it..It I really did LOL!!! Glad you had a good Easter! Talk with you soon..