Monday, April 27, 2009

The Hawks

The Hawk's made safely to Tennessee after driving really slowly due to the trailer attached...but discovered Jonathan's grandmother passed away today. What a sad thing to come home to, but I know they are glad to be with family. Please remember his whole family in prayer!

I am writing this post, not wanting to..because it means our dear friends Jamie and Jonathan are leaving E-town. This is the last weekend for them to be here..and I am not excited about it! She was reading my blog one day and I mentioned something she had done and she said, "Well, you could have mentioned my name, at least then I would be famous"! LOL..

Well, get a full post dedicated to you! Jamie started working at our school February of last year. She was an aide for special ed..and continued this year, even though she has her special ed degree..just in Tennessee and it is an act of Congress to get it transferred over. So how lucky were we to get a special education teacher to be an aide?!? I don't think we truly knew until we put her in place this year. There have been 3 special education teachers and two a certified elementary teacher..and the other we decided to take grades and it has been awesome..Jamie has done EVERYTHING for the 5th grade. She has worked so well with the teachers and they have spoke phenomenal things of her. I too have so enjoyed all her input and her dedication! I can only say I wish we had gotten closer sooner! This year, our families became close..and let me tell you, Brylee just loves them! She calls the Hawks, her "families"..secretly, I think Jonathan wants her to come live with them..ha ha..those two aggravate the mess out of eachother..and I KNOW Sophie, their puppy really wants Brylee to come. She is scared to death at times of Brylee..all though they have mentioned she is the only kid that she has ever really got close to. Jamie has helped me get through what could have been a tough school telling me to remember to smile! And that is what I have done..we go to church together, eat together (She usually cooks, or we go to Santa Fe...he he). I can't even begin to tell you the funny stories we have, or the things she knows..I don't open up personally to a lot of people until you have completely won me over..and she is one of those of those you find only a couple of times in life. She loves my child like she is her own and they are those good friends you hate to see go. But welcome to my new world of the military living...that is just part of it..and you hope that some day you all make a circle and come back to here..example..Jamie was living in E-town, born in Dothan and then her family moved to Saudi..she lived there for a very long time..went to school in Chattanooga and then got married and her mom moved to Murfreesboro..that's where they were and came here, back where she started..(hopefully, I got that all right)..and if all goes as 3 years they will be back here. Will we be here? Who knows...but I sure hope that if we are, we will pick up just where we left off! We are definitely going to miss them..and miss her calling to get peroxide or borrow our mixer..and I will definitely miss just popping over to approve a dress or borrow a key to get in the classroom..because I don't know where one of my 15 keys is! But I know that the same God who watches over me here, will be there with her and Jonathan and taking care of them just the same..and I know that He will answer ALL of their prayers..(IN HIS TIME)! We love you 2 so much, and thanks for being a part of our lives!


~*Lisa*~ said...

awwww That was a precious post and I know your friend will have tears as she reads it. I am sad for you but I know you will keep in touch! :)

Leigh Anne said...

It is so hard to have friends move away. I am the friend who moved away and I miss my good friends so much. I will tell you that if you will visit out of town for the weekend you will enjoy your friends so much. There is just no visiting like spending the night with friends.