Friday, May 16, 2008

If Angela can do it, I can do it!

I tribute this blog to my Aunt Angela! I received an email from her that she had began a blogging I figured, if she is going to become technology savvy and share her life through blog, I believe I must step up to the plate and blog too! It has been a while..(1 reason I don't know if this will work)...I am a procrastinator and forget about things...but Mother's Day and my birthday have come and gone...I did turn 27 this year! I have always laughed at people who get depressed on their birthday...but as I awoke on May 6, I felt a little yucky..didn't want to get out of bed up...went to the bathroom to brush my teeth..looked in the mirror and CRIED! Yes..Me..Cried like a baby! Kenny, who had no idea I was crying, said "Why do you not put your dirty clothes in the hamper" and I busted out even worse! He came in to see what was wrong and I couldn't say...other than 27! See..that is the downhill from 25..that was okay..kind of a mid point..but 27 is closer to being old! After I washed my face...I was my chipper usual self for the rest of the day..and soaked up every minute of it being MY birthday! (Another trait of an only child) Mom and Dad came down for Mother's Day..I love having them here...actually we all love them coming..we look forward to their visits. Brylee is at the age where she is understanding a little more like when the leave, we won't see them for a she was physically touching one of them the whole time to make sure they were still here. She loves her Nenne and Poppa and I hate that we are so far..but at the same time, God provides opportunities and friends for her to keep her mind occupied..Highlight of the weekend!!!! My daddy got a hair cut by KENNY...mohawk to begin with and then pure cut off! I will attach pictures! Enjoy..Grilled out Sunday afternoon..churh...ate at Conestoga...(HIGHLY recommend if yo uare in Dothan)...and just relaxed and enjoyed eachother. Kenny and Brylee got me a new living room suite for all my May it!

My mother's first cousin Jane passed away today..totally unexpected. I pray for Aunt Bobbie and Uncle Bob to feel God's hand around them and to get them through this tough time...I ask you to do the same!

Well, I must go and pack..we are headed to the beach for the weekend! So lay on the sand and here the waves come crashing in! Tootles!!!


Angela said...

Glad to see you jump on here. Don't forget to add to your page the links that you visit.

It looks great!

Oh! Yes she was riding it backwards! Gotta love her!

Aunt A