Saturday, May 3, 2008

My Very First Blog

I am very interested in this new life of blogging..I have loved using myspace to shart pics, keep up with old friends, to meet new friends and to even blog, but am ready to move up in the world and start an official Hill Family Blog. I was very hesitant about starting a blog, because I really don't think many people would or will actually care what is going on, but I so enjoy reading others and am inspired by many of my friends with blogs. So, if no one ever reads this, it will be okay, I am doing it for simple fun and to record significant events that may take place.

This weekend, Brylee and I have been by ourselves. Kenny loaded up with Coach Weeden, and Officer D and headed to Atlanta to enjoy a Hawks game last night, and watch Rhett (one of their players) play in an AAU championship game today. He is on his way home as I type and I have to say I am super excited! I do not do well by myself..I get super freaked out about being "Home Alone". It is so funny, b/c chairs were under my door knobs and you could probably see our home from the moon b/c of all the outside lights I had on! We do not live in a bad neighborhood at all or a bad town, but I always think I could be part of the 2% crime we have! ;) I also worry about getting sick and not being able to tend to Brylee, although I do not worry about that as much now due to God blessing us with so many friends in Etown! I have a list in my head that I would not hesitate to call if the need arises. I was also not too excited about the weekend he chose b/c I had so much going on, although a lot has been cancelled due to the potential bad weather. So, once again, God works it all out when we doubt Him! I have another issue I would love to discuss on here, and will soon, just not today..due to the announcement am off for now, b/c I have to get ready to go to a pageant! Woohoo! So excited, Brylee and I are going to watch MaryBeth with the Harrelson's and we are super excited! Wish MB luck and we will let you know how it goes!!!


Angela said...

Just keep on trying it and soon you will be finding places for K to go so you can have the house all to yourself! And then when B starts going to sleepovers!!!! Well, lets just say it is priceless!

Love ya,

KristinRanae said...

Welcome to the blogging world:)