Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Graduation/Memorial Day Weekend

Well, I guess you thought I fell off the face of the Earth...but I didn't..was just in Scottsboro where the convience of a cpu is not a luxury! It is a hassel to borrow an internet connection and typing on my phone just hurts my hand! So, I am back!

We had an excellent weekend home..although I am afraid there won't be many more b/c of the gas prices! Unbelievable!!!! There was a gas station in Scottsboro..and they had the cheap gas for $3.59 and you wouldn't believe the people waiting in line and how long some of them waited! Cars were lined up in the street...I am sorry, but it is a sad day in America when it comes to things like that! If it continues to rise..I will need a pay raise just to pay for gas! On a lighter note, Jessica did graduate and I was so proud of her! She looked amazing and I know was relieved to get it over...it wasn't as hot as I had anticipated, but was hot enough. Kenny took Brylee and I to Montgomery to meet Howard (my father in law) since Kenny had to come back to work (He came in on Friday)..Brylee got car sick twice on the way home..I don't know what causes her to sometimes get sick and sometimes not..I used to think it only happened in the morning when Kenny was driving..but this was late afternoon with me driving! Does anyone have any suggestions or experiences on this? She hasn't done it since last September and it happened Wednesday..she did fine going back to Enterprise..although I did go ahead and give her benadryl for that trip (Doc suggested it for her..substitute for dramamine) While at home, Daddy decided to buy a 3 foot pool for Brylee..we all love it! Took Kenny and I a long time to put it up..but was nice once we got it up..also put a stinkin grill together only to find out the box said, "free assembly available"! Kenny got to take his nephew to the Rec Com and play ball..they had a good time and I am glad they got to spend time together...Mom and Dad's good friends George and Ann came down..we love spending time with them! They are so much fun and great cooks! Brylee loves to aggravate George and loves getting the newest "Brylee Collection" outfit from Ann! They are expecting their first grandchild...Miss Lila Jane will make her entrance soon and I can't wait to see Miss Lila Jane and Miss Brylee Jayde together...you thought Clint and I were trouble growing up...you haven't seen anything yet! Went to church Sunday..always love to hear Bro. Roger..great message!!! OOOOO...big news...if you haven't already heard...Laura Bush will be speaking at Enterprise Graduation..wasn't planning on going..b/c it would be so hot..Kenny has to go..faculty dresses in their gowns from their college...but now, Brylee will be staying with Amy, Chris and Dalton...and I am going as a photographer! Can't wait..word has it that the Secret Service Agents are already here scoping it out!

Well, I guess that is all for now...if I have any typos (My mom informed me I have several on previous blogs), please overlook them...I am usually up late at night typing these things and deliriously tired! Blessings to all!


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