Sunday, May 4, 2008

Blog # 2 :)

Just a brief note..all of my IEP's are finished! Yes..COMPLETE!!! So now that stress is off of me..I think I will just ride the rest of the year out!

Church was great today...with a little sadness..will get to that in a little bit. In SS, my heart is just always blessed by these great group of ladies in my class..we range from 19 ish to 60 ish..and wow,,,we have someone from all walks of life and that adds so much to our class. I added my friend Bethany to our prayer list..her husband is heading to Iraq and she asked me to pray for them as he is gone..and I really just hope that God will give them both a peace to help them through this tough time..I ask you the same if you are reading this! I know that my ladies will pour this out to God along with all of our other requests...Our lesson was so good and one of our "assignments" for next week is to read Psalms 139 and listen as God speaks to you about you! I pray that you will take on that assignment with me.

I'm kinda liking this blogging thing and hope that I continue...on to what I wanted to discuss yesterday and mentioned was a sad day but a day that an announcement was made that I can't be too sad, but extremely excited for this family. Our worship minister announced his resignation to the church today. He had let the choir know Wednesday..and made the emotional announcement official after church. I tell you what! I am so totally excited for him and his family, but so totally sad for us! I know that God is in control and has a plan. I also know that there are bigger and more awesome things Bro. Jamie and his family will be part of! He has accepted a call to the First Baptist Atlanta..with Dr. Charles Stanley. He will be the associate worship guy and the dean of the fine arts school. This is a family that we have grown to love and have a lot of respect for. He has taught me what true Biblical worship really is..He is such an awesome worship leader and as Bro. Billy said this morning..we couldn't keep him a secret for long! :) As he choked up a few times while making the announcement..I could see and trust that he is doing God's will and even though that may seem scary or uncertain at times..I pray for that kind of faith he showed that we wil all be okay if we ask for the Lord's will to be done! So with that being said, June 8th will be his last day with us and then the search is on. I pray for whomever God already has in store for us...and that we will be accepting to His will and that God will begin right now preparing his heart! By the way, today's choir song was unbelievable! There was so much of God's spirit in it, it was amazing...

Went to our favorite diner for lunch...Creekside...we eat there almost every Sunday! Just can't get enough of that soul food they make! Yummy..and there is this guy who works there and looks a lot like Kenny's brother, Boobie, and Brylee always wants to go eat where Boobie is! LOL..

Well, I guess that is it for today..Brylee is asleep, Kenny has went to play ball, and I believe I will just relax!


ann said...

Hi Brooke! I'm glad you have joined the blog world as well. It is very addicting. I'm sorry about your music minister. That's hard. Yes, we are building and it has been extremely stressful at times, but we're excited. The house is out in Goosepond. It's across from the lake, which I guess is the reason for all the bugs. I'm hoping once we've moved in and have grass, and a bug man, there will be less of them!