Monday, October 12, 2009

What a Weekend

What a weekend we have had..didn't do a whole lot, but sure did enjoy having my parents around for a great weekend of football and relaxing. They arrived Friday night and Brylee was truly excited! She just loves when they come because she knows it will be a great weekend and she can "almost" get away with anything. ...and she knows her Poppa is sooooo silly! We got up and got ready for her commercial at church. Our church is doing a Christmas commercial and Brylee was one of 20 children picked to audition..she did exactly what we expected she would do..clam up...and act shy. She usually does that at first, but once she is warmed up, you can't hush her! Oh well, if she makes it she makes it, if she doesn't she doesn't, no biggie! After that, we all had breakfast at Waffle House and then a trip to the pet store. Poppa was attacked by the bunny rabbits, and Brylee hated to leave..all enjoyed it! The rest of the day consisted of football..although our tigers didn't win..they played better than I had expected against Florida. Of course, at church, Bro. Dewayne got in his "Go Gators" and looked right at us..that was a low punch from a pastor! LOL It is all fun and we enjoyed the game either way! We got up on Sunday and had a great service and lunch! Here is a picture of my wonderful parents and Brylee...I think she loves them as much as I do! On Friday, Brylee's preschool went to the park to see the firetruck and get a lesson on fire safety..I was amazed at what all Brylee told me..she told me about the fire detectors, if a door is hot, go another way..don't go back in for your sisters or brothers, call a fireman, crawl out if there is smoke..etc..I am surprised at how much she paid attention to them! Here she is the morning of the trip. I do want to leave with a video of our precious baby girl singing!