Sunday, October 25, 2009

Brylee is in Preschool

I am finally getting around to writing a blog post about Brylee's first day of preschool. We have a great little preschool here in town ran by a couple of ladies. The actual preschool has been around since the 1930's if I am not mistaken. It is called Miss Eloise's and is ran by her daughter now I think. We have a few preschools here and were told as soon as we got here to get Brylee on a list. Ya'll when I say this, I am not kidding..babies are put on these lists as soon as they are conceived. When mommy is making the phone calls to the relatives to tell them she is pregnant, she also calls one of the preschools that are so good around here. I waited until last October to call and put Brylee on the lists. We actually have a half and half program as well..which is half children with disabilities and half general ed population. Actually before all was said and done Brylee was in all of the programs but due to scheduling and the fact we were in this one..we decided to stick with Miss Eloise. After being with Ms. Gwen for a year, Brylee is well developed in the areas of colors, shapes, letters, numbers etc. So I feel like she started preschool with a little advantage..we are so grateful for that! Maybe just maybe she will continue to learn and be more advanced for kindergarten than usual. She loves coming home and telling us all she night we listened to her play school and she was the teacher..they open the day with "This is the Day", pledge, weather, calendar etc. She got her first report card and had earned 10 stars. In her category of things to work on was "listening to teacher"..and "taking responsibility of her own actions"..not surprised at all! Brylee loves it and gets picked up by Ms. Becky or Ms. Ashley and heads to see her other friends at Freckles and Curls. She gets the best of both worlds! I wanted to share a few pics from her first day!


KristinRanae said...

I LOVE her alligator outfit:) SO cute!!!