Friday, October 16, 2009

Our Miss Kim

I wouldn't even know where to begin telling you all about Miss Kim..she came into our lives when we first moved here and has played a major part of it since then. She works at Brylee's daycare and Brylee has adored her since the beginning. When you move to a new place and know no is hard. If you haven't ever did me, it is hard. I have often talked about how with each move we have made, God has always provided. In every are of our life. He truly knows our fears, our wants, our worries and our desires. Not once, have I ever worried about childcare. It has always seem to fall in place and I have no doubt that Brylee has received amazing childcare in our moves. She continues to receive it and loves all her teachers, but we are saying goodbye to one of them. Miss Kim has decided to move to California. Today was her last day and Brylee's BFF Jake's mom and I gave her a little going away party. It was so cute, b/c most of the kids really didn't realize it was a going away party and sang Happy Birthday the whole time! Brylee and Jake (who have been with her the longest) understood she was leaving..especially Jake..he didn't take it well at all..he wouldn't have anything to do with her..and Brylee just loved on her. It's amazing how children are so resilient and I am sure they will both be just fine in the long run..but you can tell they both just love her!

Kim has been a vital asset in our family since moving here. She has been our babysitter, house cleaner, transportation and just there when you needed her for whatever reason! She probably knows Brylee just about as well as we do if not better sometimes! I remember one morning that we all woke up late, and were of course panicing..Called her and she got up, came and got Brylee ready and took her to school for us. She has been called spur of the moment many times and is always willing to help. When we put Brylee at Miss Eloise's for preschool, we knew we needed someone to be able to pick her up and take her to daycare for the afternoon..she so graciously agreed to do that everyday. Brylee loved having her to run out to and tell all about her day. She is a very special person and I know she will do great things in her life. We are behind her 100% and hope she knows that if it doesn't work out..we will be here if she comes back..and we do hope that we will get to see her again real soon! (so plan a visit Miss Kim) I know that wherever she goes or whatever she does, she will be a bright spot in some other child's life..I just hope she doesn't forget us because I know we will never forget her!

"How lucky I am to have known someone who was so hard to say goodbye to."