Saturday, September 19, 2009

Prayers for my Grandmother

This is a picture I snapped the last time we were home. This is my sweet grandparents. Papaw was blessing the food at a reunion dinner..and I thought this was such a sweet shot. They are the epitome of love! They have been married over 50 years..I believe last January was 60 years. They are so sweet to each other and their love for each other is a total complimentary relationship! When he is down, she is up, when she is down he is up. As they get older, it is hard to be up with health problems and certain setbacks, but they are always so concerned with each other. Right now, my Mawmaw is down. She has been very sick for a few days and was admitted to the hospital last night. She has a bacteria that attacks your intestines after being on antibiotics. It is a very scary situation especially for an older adult. Right now, I pray that you will bombard Heaven with prayers for her and for those taking care of her. Pray for her body to completely heal and for her to feel better soon! Pray for my Pawpaw as he worries about her and pray that he gets the rest he needs to take care of her and not wear himself down. Pray for my Daddy and all the aunts and uncles that will be staying with her. Thank you all in advance! What would I do without my prayer warriors?