Saturday, September 12, 2009

Geaux Tigers..all the way to Seattle!

When Kenny surprised me with a trip to the first LSU game..I was very excited. It wasn't until a few days later I realized the trip would require us getting on a plane to travel there. This is something I have never done before..not that I wouldn't, just never needed to. I was a little skeptical, nervous and even had tears as I talked to my dad before it took off, but totally agreed to do it especially since people do it all the time...right? Kenny and I decided to head out to Atlanta on a Thursday at midnight. Our plane was leaving at 8:30 Georgia time. We got there about 2 hours early as I had heard of the many horror stories about people in an airport. We went straight to the parking lot..straight to get boarding passes, straight through security and had a good 2 hours to wait for loading. That was a breeze..what were these people talking about? Once we were on the runway, I took my dramamine..just in case. The plane was small to me..3 seats and aisle and 3 seats. When I went to the bathroom, I saw first class and wondered how I could score a seat up there? looked much more comfortable to me. We really enjoyed our flight and the fact that the head rest in front of me had a tv that included a channel that was a moving map. It showed where we were, how high we were, ground speed, tail wind, how long until we got to our destination which in our case was Seattle Washington...

Taking off, landing and turbalence, was by far the worst part. I had took us plenty of snacks and we were served 2 times on that flight. When we arrived in Seattle, we went to get our luggage. We saw some very beautiful scenery on the way. It still amazes me how our God made it all and to fathom the beauty of it just settles the fact that He is in control of it all. My Daddy has always said his two favorite places to see the work of our Creator is the beach and from the air...I couldn't agree more!

Their airport was not near as nice as Atlanta's. We were pretty impressed with it. Very clean and very quick. We waited a good 20 minutes on our luggage in Seattle. Once we finally got it, we headed to find our rental car. We were supposed to get just a small car, but were upgraded to a Ford Escape and when given the option of a GPS or not, we took it. I have used one with a friend before, but pretty much knew where we were in Dothan. That thing was the best thing to have in Seattle..a city unknown to us! We typed in addresses, points of locations, and were immediately led to our destinations. It was amazing! When we got our vehicle..we headed to the Burgermaster..a restaurant recommended by our friends Hank and is a version of Sonic...but MUCH better..great burgers and great shakes! Total recommendation if you ever come across one.

Our hotel which was in Bellevue was really close and we headed that way. We always try to stay where the Tigers are staying and so we were ready to get there and join in the festivities. On Friday night, we wen to downtown Seattle and walked around the campus. Very bizarre..if that would have been any campus in the SEC, there is no way we could have parked and just walked around..NO WAY..there were absolutely no campers, no security and no fans anywhere. In fact, until the game, I was beginning to wonder if there were any Washington fans in Washington. I can't tell you how many times, we were asked "What does L..S..U mean?".."Are you here for a game?"..."Did you win...(remember the game was not until Saturday)".."What are all you LSU fans doing here" was crazy how football is not that big of a deal there. When we got back to the hotel, we sat around in the lobby/restaurant area and had a good time with fellow tiger fans. One of the things I love about LSU football is that whenever you go places, you may not know anyone, but if you have the purple and gold on, you are welcome and you feel like you have known eachother forever.

On Saturday, we headed to downtown to get the feel of Seattle. Our first stop was the Space go up 500 ft and you see ALL of Seattle and the surrounding areas. It is beautiful!

The campus was beautiful and had a lot of older buildings that were just majestic! The stadium sits right on Lake Washington and many boats were pulling up for people to get off and enjoy the game..

Once we were in the stadium, it was pretty amazing. The people were so friendly and were just amazed at how many fans we brought. They said we brought more than Oregon does when they play them! AMAZING ya'll...I guess it is true when they say.."Ain't nothing like the SEC baby!"

We ended up winning and all was good. We got back to the hotel really late and we were really tired, knowing we had to get up in about 3 hours to head to the airport. We had to be on the airplane at 6 am. Once we got there and got the car checked in and made it through all the security, boarding etc..we were cutting it close, but made it! We flew home on a much larger plane and were seated close to the back. Still didn't become a fan of flying..but it was okay..just okay! Thank the Lord for watching over us and and once again letting me know He was the Pilot and in control!