Wednesday, September 23, 2009

My Mawmaw

Here is a picture from our recent trip home..I can't even begin to describe how sad this picture makes me at first. This was one of the last times my Mawmaw was super healthy when we were at home. She was admitted to the hospital on Friday of last week and by Saturday evening the doctor told the family she wouldn't make it very long and that if I wanted to see her, I needed to come up then. I went into immediate panic mode. Kenny was in Troy working concessions for the basketball team and I didn't know when he would be back, so I called him and told him the situation. He was transferring money and would call me right back. He called and we talked about the best situation for us and Brylee. I had since then talked to mom and they had placed Mawmaw on a ventilator and she was stable. We decided it would be best if I just went on up and seen her and if something happened, they would come later. While I waited on him so I could leave, I called our good friend Karen to come wait with Brylee until he could get here, b/c I was just wasting precious time..She was so gracious...dropped everything and came..we are so blessed to have friends as this! I left about 6 and was there in a few short hours. I walked into the hospital and tons of people were there..which made me think of how bad she must be. The nurses let me go back even though it was past visiting hours since I had just got there. She was asleep ventilator breathing, tons of cords and swollen pretty bad. Went home to mom and dad's for the night..couldn't sleep at all..woke up on the hour every much on my a pretty much healthy lady last time I saw her could get to that state so fast. Sunday was pretty much the same, but on Sunday evening when my cousin went in and came out crying really got me...he saw her awake..and it was a bit much. I, too saw her awake and told her she would be fine, and she just shook her head no and tears were just falling. I left the hospital that day knowing I would probably never see her again alive and well. That ride home was so long and I just cried, screamed, prayed and begged God to just not let her suffer. I know without a shadow of a doubt that her next step beyond this earth would be Heaven..She is a saint of God...and the ones that would hurt would be us left behind...but I didn't dare beg God to keep her in the state she was in..I gave it to was all in His hands! When I hit Troy turning on 167, Daddy called and wanted to tell me good news.."Mawmaw pulled her ventilator out"...and I am thinking what kind of good news is that??? She was talking, vital signs good and doctors said she was just one step ahead of him. Ya'll, her hands were tied down!!! It is still unknown to us how she even grasped to pull it, but she uncle's status stated there are angels among us..and I truly believe there are! That is all it could of been...she spent a couple of days in ICU after that and has moved to a regular room and will hopefully go home in a few. She is back to her funny self..she is funny I tell you! I am just truly in awe of Gods' Amazing Grace that He once again has shown in a miracle in my life. He wasn't ready for my Grandma..and He healed her!!! NO DOUBT about it! So many people were praying and prayers were being answered one by one..literally..I can think of several specific prayers and they were answered just like that! So, here is a picture of my sweet Mawmaw and Brylee last time we were out there picking tomatoes! Can't wait for Christmas..Mawmaw's favorite time of the year!


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