Saturday, December 13, 2008

Just another Saturday

Hi Friends!

Not too much going on around here today..just cleaning, washing clothes and monitoring Brylee's temperature..she began about Wednesday with a cough..nothing serious just a little cough, so I gave her some cough meds...and yes again, we welcomed demon child Brylee into our home..something about it just wires her up to a whole different level..I have several special education diagnosis I could give her during that time, but won' literally transforms her and she becomes defiant. At school yesterday, I was told that she told the teacher no several times, hit another student and just simply wouldn't listen..Trust me, Brylee has her days, but this is totally out of character for her and they know what the day will be when she is on meds. Last night, she decided to "play baton" with the broom and knocked the fryer with COOL oil in it off...thank God it was cool, but cleaning up oil in any fashion is a pure mess! After cleaning, we are all still sliding into things. It is funny, but I have seriously almost pulled a muscle a few times. Also last night, I was watching the 20/20 on Caylee Anthony (I hope they find out what happened to her and who is responsible)...and lo and behold a remote came flying and hit me in the head...when I looked over at Brylee and asked her what in the world was she thinking, she said " I not want it"...
I am definitely puzzled, what, just because you don't want it, you throw it at me???She said sorry, and layed down and called it a night! This morning, I noticed she felt a little we took her temperature and it was 101. Not much, but a fever..she seems fine, is playing and running..coughing a good bit, but seems okay..I am just going to continue to watch it and see how the night goes..Hopefully she will get much better and not need a visit to the doctor Monday.

Kenny is finishing up his last night at the Andalusia tournament tonight..3rd night..I know they are all tired and ready to rest (whether they will ever admit it or not).

We are planning on doing a "Tacky Christmas Sweater" contest at school on Wednesday. It should be very exciting since we are teachers, and you know teachers have one for every day in December! LOL...any ideas on how we can judge for the prize..b/c principal approval pending, there will be a prize..just not sure how to judge..I am sure it will be close!

Also, wanted to ask for prayers for my cousin's girlfriend's mother. She has battled cancer several years and had surgery this week. While in surgery, she had a heart attack and still has not woke up. Today, she had a stroke. So, I know the family would appreciate any and all prayers..her name is Donna Chestnut...when you pray!
~Blessings to you all!


Tiffany said...

The way we judged ours is by letting everyone vote. Everyone was given a piece of paper, wrote the name of the person they picked, and dropped it into a box. That way no one knew who voted for who and all that. We had a lot of fun with ours and some were really creative yet tacky! I'm trying to get some more pictures from ours!