Thursday, December 11, 2008

Brylee..our Little Singer!

Last night was a wonderful night at church..Brylee's 3 year old Petite Praise class sang during family fellowship supper. They were all so excited and Brylee insisted to us that she would be singing "Let's go riding in an automobile, Let's take a ride in the car, Listen to the music go Boom Boom Boom as we travel near and far". Baaaahaaa..she is a pure mess. I was super worried she didn't know the songs because I haven't heard her practice any, but she did know the words and did not stand like a knot on the log. The pastor had bets on the music minister's son that he would not sing, but he proved them wrong. All of the kids were super cute! When Bro. Billy saw me not eating, he asked me why? I told him I was popping pepto because I was nervous for Brylee. Seriously, I think I had eaten something that had me messed up! But, I have always had a case of the nerves before who knows!? Here are a few pics of Brylee singing, and her WONDERFUL choir leaders...

Afterwards, they had a cookie and hot chocolate was very sweet of them to do it and the kids just loved it! I was afraid of it all being cancelled due to the MONSOON and storms that kept coming yesterday. Our kids at school stayed in the hallway for about 30 minutes yesterday and the high school stayed in central locations all day. I knew yesterday when I was awaken by an orange sky that the day would be different..i thought maybe I was just losing my mind and wanted to go get a camera, but it was in the car. So thankfully, my friend Natasha did capture it and I wanted to share her pic with you...

Did anyone else see it? It was def. strange and I think Natasha's son described like " Being On Mars"...I totally agree with him! The weather is so scary around here since we did have the tornado the first year we were here, and 9 lives were tragically lost. Around here, the wind blows, or thunder sounds and we all get a little edgy. Rightfully so! We know that God is in total control though and He will take care of us.

Oh, Oh, I almost forgot to mention...Brylee received a special call last night after her was SANTA CLAUS!!! He was calling to check on her and see if she was being good and find out what she wanted..aka(Uncle Jim Beam)..he called and wanted to know if it would scare her..and I said Oh goodness no..might scare her into being good! she talked to are a few pics of her special call..

Our weekend begins tomorrow..thankfully so! I am ready to rest so that we can knock out next week and be out until January! One of the things I love about teaching is the breaks we gives me the extra boost I need to make it through the year. I do get sad for some students because I realize their situations and how their Christmas may not be what most kids are, but you know, they are generally so happy and in such great spirits throughout the season. I had a group of students write letters to a "Recovering Soldier" in Walter Reed hopes that they will pass them out randomly to let them know we are thinking about them and praying for them during this time. The students were great at this! Some of the letters were hilarious, and some were just plain sweet and thoughtful! One student let her soldier know that "Mrs. Hill is doing fine" LOL..I think she thought it was a friend of I guess that patient will be like "Who is Mrs. Hill", but I hope he gets a good kick out of it! I love ALL the students I work with..they are so great and make my job so worthwhile and fulfilling!!! Gotta run!