Sunday, January 8, 2012

Oh Happy Day..When Jesus Washed Her Sins Away!

I am one happy Momma tonight..My baby girl asked Jesus in her heart. She had been asking questions for a few months and I kept putting her off to make sure she knew what she was doing. Her little conscience has been working and she has been distinguishing between right and wrong for sometime now and kept asking when she could do what she needed to do to get saved and baptized. After a Sunday School lesson this morning from her wonderful God-sent teachers, her heart and mind were working hard. She realized in Kindergarten that she had broken a commandment and that she had sinned against God. This made her very sad. We talked about how Jesus loves us and died for all the sins we would commit. The conversation ended..or so I thought. I wanted to make sure SHE was the one that asked to pray the prayer and SHE initiated it. I had went in the bedroom and her she came..tears in her eyes and said..”Momma I want to do the prayer and get saved today.” I said alright God, I hear you..I bent to my knees in the bedroom floor with her. Her little heart was so tender, so pure, so childlike just as the scripture says we all should be. She prayed the sinner’s prayer and asked the Lord to save her. We were both hot messes crying and I asked her where she would go if she were to die and she said HEAVEN! After wards, we went to her Sunday School teachers Mr. Jason and Mrs. Joy and she shared her news with them. They were elated and shared in the tears. It gave her the opportunity to ask more questions and I was glad they were there to help a little. Brylee thought it was really cool that her name was NOT in the Book of Life this morning, but it was this evening! She was very concerned and hoping that Jesus spelled it correctly..Mr. Jason told her, “Baby, He knew who you were before you were ever born..I think He’s got this!” After calling grandparents, great-grandparents, great uncles and cousins, she is just so happy. She said, “Momma, I can’t quit smiling, I am so happy!”

I am thrilled to know that she will spend her eternity with the One who created her. When we dedicated her when she was 6 months old, I knew that we were giving her back to the Lord, for Him to lead her, guide her and let her choose to follow Him in her own time. Many prayers have been prayed and the Lord’s hand has been over her life from the very beginning. I know He will continue to guide her and I can only pray that she will always seek and follow Him..never be ashamed of the gospel and never sway from that faith she has at this moment.

I am thrilled to know that one day she will see my Grannie Guinn, Kenny's grandmothers, and others I have longed for her to meet. I am thrilled that when they talk about mansions and streets of gold that she will have one of those and walk on those as she meets all the people she has learned about Sunday after Sunday.

We will meet with the preacher this week and hopefully schedule her baptism soon..she is one eager beaver about it..

Shouldn't we all be that excited to share what the Lord has done for us?! I think so..lesson learned from a 6 year old..

And finally..a verse I came across today for sweet baby girl..I pray this for you..and for you to realize just how special, loved and adored you are, not only by your Daddy and I, but by the King of King..Lord of Lords!!

"The King is enthralled by your beauty, Honor Him, for He is your Lord" ~Psalm 45:11