Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Yes, I still know my password to this site! :)

Wowzers..I have so neglected this blog and I hate that! So much has happened since November..We moved to a new house while 5 months pregnant. (That wasn't fun, but we had some wonderful friends come and help us! I had a second child..Kenyatta Jabbar Hill II (Kajae), and Brylee graduated kindergarten. She is now in first grade and Kajae is 5 months old..time flies!!! She is so her first report card today and had all A's..and a 100 in math?! I know she doesn't get that from me at all!! Kajae..laughs, makes sounds, blows bubbles and is rolling over. He begins a new daycare next will be an in home daycare and we are very excited about that! He is such a pleasant baby, sleeps in the bed by himself and pretty much all night. He lights up the room with his radiant smile and contagious laughter!

I am teaching a preschool class at church for Sunday School..and they are so much fun! I remember Brylee at 3 and I can't wait to see Kajae at that age! Brylee is in a class on Sunday morning and Sunday night where she is learning scriptures and doing Bible drill. We are thrilled about that! I can't wait to see what God has planned for her and her life! As long as she glorifies Him in all she does, I will be one proud mommy!

Kenyatta, numero uno, is the new head boys' basketball coach at EHS. I am so proud of him! This is something he has desired for a long time and put in his time as an assistant coach. People have asked me if I am ready to be a head coach's wife..and all I can say, is bring it on! I learned a long time ago, that a coach can't make everyone happy at the same time..there will be someone unhappy no matter what. All I can say is I know this man, and I know that he will have every player's best interest at heart at all times..So..yes, I can't wait for basketball to begin!

Okay..that is a rough catchup, and I promise to do better..there is sooo much I want to record and keep up with through the remind me to come back!