Saturday, October 2, 2010

Baby Hill #2

Today I am 8 weeks and 3 days pregnant..we have officially announced it on Facebook..but I wanted to do a blog to commemorate this special time. We have wanted to have another baby for a while now, but things just kept coming up..mainly (not coming out) in my snot! LOL..I started having issues with my sinuses and was just miserable most of the time..I stayed on antibiotics and could not get well. That resulted in sinus surgery in August 2009. I got a little better, but was still sick and had to have it again in March..this time it healed and everything seemed better. So, we decided to gquit taking birth control..and let God's timing happen. It worked and in September, we had a positive pregnancy test. I thought I might be, just because I started feeling super tired. I tested positive two days after my first missed period.

We feel extrememly blessed and do not take this blessing for granted. I fully understand this is a gift from God and we are super excited He is allowing us the opportunity to raise another child. Brylee and Baby #2 will be 6 years apart. Some may think that is a little crazy to have them so far apart, but once again, I believe God's timing is perfect and I know it will be just fine. I feel like we have had the opportunity to give Brylee our undivided attention in all her "firsts". She is excited and will be a great helper with this baby.

Please join us as we continue to pray for a healthy pregnancy and a healthy baby!

Our baby's first picture....


Anonymous said...

Congratulations!!! And btw... 6 years apart isn't much... Georgia and Molly are 14 1/2 years apart... (but I don't recommend that... God just has a sense of humor!) ~~~ Ann K. ~~~~

~*Lisa*~ said...

So excited for you!!!