Saturday, November 7, 2009

A True Scattered Blog

SEAUX...(SO)...we are still LSU fans and will always be even with that loss tonight. I will be the first to say congrats to the "other" fans, but would seriously love to see the outcome of a game where we had different refs. It was all in fun and we had a blast! We went to Hank and Kelly's for a LSU/Bama party..LSU was outnumbered, but we represented in the house quite well..all that obnoxious talk from Kenny C. and Lee was a bit much though! (just kidding)

Kenny H. on his 32nd bday enjoyed himself in T-town..even if his beloved tigers lost.It's just a game..right?

Here is what Brylee and her friends did during the game...

We had some great food and fellowship!

So I am now at home..and listening to the Lynda Randle special on Gaithers..not a huge fan of southern definitely holds a place in my heart..and brings back so many memories..and like to listen from time to time. She just got done singing "One Day at a Time"..that was my Uncle Tommy's favorite put him on my mind tonight..he's in such a better place for sure, but definitley missed here!

I don't think I have shared Brylee's soccer pics yet..don't laugh..I took a picture of them..didn't feel like you see flash..but at least they are on here now..right!