Saturday, November 7, 2009

A True Scattered Blog

SEAUX...(SO)...we are still LSU fans and will always be even with that loss tonight. I will be the first to say congrats to the "other" fans, but would seriously love to see the outcome of a game where we had different refs. It was all in fun and we had a blast! We went to Hank and Kelly's for a LSU/Bama party..LSU was outnumbered, but we represented in the house quite well..all that obnoxious talk from Kenny C. and Lee was a bit much though! (just kidding)

Kenny H. on his 32nd bday enjoyed himself in T-town..even if his beloved tigers lost.It's just a game..right?

Here is what Brylee and her friends did during the game...

We had some great food and fellowship!

So I am now at home..and listening to the Lynda Randle special on Gaithers..not a huge fan of southern definitely holds a place in my heart..and brings back so many memories..and like to listen from time to time. She just got done singing "One Day at a Time"..that was my Uncle Tommy's favorite put him on my mind tonight..he's in such a better place for sure, but definitley missed here!

I don't think I have shared Brylee's soccer pics yet..don't laugh..I took a picture of them..didn't feel like you see flash..but at least they are on here now..right!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween 2009

And for this year..Brylee was Hannah Montanna!!!

She bought this costume a couple of months ago, and was in love with it..even until Halloween, but for some reason the wig was bothering for the most part of the day, she just wore the outfit. We had a great Halloween. Her preschool party was that was a lot of fun..with games, food and a hayride. It was scheduled for a field, but due to rain and pretty cold temperatures, it was relocated in the gym of the methodist church. It turned out are a few pics...

After that, we were supposed to go to our church festival, but Brylee started not feeling so well, sneezing, coughing, runny nose..even her eyes looked weak, so, she took a much needed nap, and slept right through it. By nightfall, we prepared for our trick or treaters, and she enjoyed opening the door and passing out candy. After about 5 times, she decided she wanted to go was freezing outside..but she really wanted to go. Kenny bundled up and took her up and down the streets of our neighborhood..since it was so cold, she wore her LSU cheer dress (which she already had on as we were cheering the tigers on), black pants, LSU jacket, hoodie and gloves and headed out as a cheerleader, I guess. She had a blast!

I, on the other hand, enjoyed greeting the goblins, angels, super heros and ladybugs of the night. I have always liked giving out the candy and once again was a hit this year..A couple of kids ran away saying.."Wow, she gives out so much candy!". Our first year in Daphne, I ran out of candy and had to give out the next best thing..freezer were yelling.."That is a cool house..they give out freezer pops!"...I love it..hope you all had a great Halloween!