Saturday, April 4, 2009

Easter Walk

We have had a beautiful Saturday morning at the Hill Household..we awoke very early..6:15 early..thanks to Brylee. I swear she has an internal clock, but the funny thing is, it only works on Saturday..humm..go figure! We had an Easter Walk at church today for the children. Don't get me wrong, I do love to hunt eggs and we will do that next weekend at the YMCA..but at church, I am thrilled the focus, (as it should be) is on Jesus' crucifixction, all the things surrounding it and the RISEN SAVIOR! I love that part about our church..everything is focused on what it should be! So, I have a few pictures to share with you...we started out with a nice breakfast of fruit, muffins and's Brylee waiting in line and munching on a muffin.

When it was our turn, we went to the first station. The station was set up like a cirus and the lady read the whole Easter story. She explained how the people laid their coats down along the path out of respect, we then got to write on the palm leaves things that we celebrate. Here's some pics from station #1.

The second station was a station where she read about the Last Supper and the children were given the opportunity to eat the "bread of life" and drink "the living water". She also explained how Jesus used to wash other's feet. The children had buckets and soap and water and they washed eachother's hands.

The third station was a garden station. She had the most lovely plants and "birds" singing! Very gardeny! She talked about the disciples when they were asleep and had the children pray for eachother..they then got to write someone's name on a prayer rock to pray for them. When asked who she wanted to pray for, Brylee said "Brylee"..she said, who else do you want to pray for..and Brylee responded, a little more adametly, BRYLEE! So, that's whose name made its way on the rock!
Next was a baseball scene..the lady explained what sin was and how we all do it. She asked if they sinned and Brylee said, NOT me..I don't sin! Baahaaa..I helped her think a little and we wrote a sin down on the green paper. They balled it up and threw it as far as they could, but guess what, they could still see it, which led to the next station where there was an angel and the kids were blindfolded. The sign was about Jesus being the light of the world and it was glowing. The kids got to take their "sins" and place them in the corner where Jesus throws them for no one to ever see again!

The last station was Brylee's SS teacher and her husband..Mrs. Georgia..she is the sweetest lady and Brylee adores her! She had a country breakfast scene and they talked about Jesus Love..a stirofoam cross was there and the kids got to put flowers in it! After all stations were complete, they got to jump outside, which resulted in a very skint toe for Brylee..but we got it cleaned up and headed home. After we got home, we decided to free out lizard and let him live with his family! Very hard for Brylee, but she did it in her own time and released him freely! VBS meeting after church tomorrow and expecting a great day in the Lord's house! Uncle Petey is doing great today and I am so happy for that! Keep praying..they are working!!!!


Angela said...

Looks like a great way to spend your Saturday!

And a very interesting way to share the gospel.

Thanks for sharing!

~*Lisa*~ said...

That's one awesome church you got there ISI!