Tuesday, July 22, 2008


We are officially back home and happy to be here. We all love visiting home..still agree it is not where we should live at this point in our lives..but great to visit. We miss our family and friends so much and would love to move them all with us! I think I have mentioned before that Brylee really doesn't understand where these people go when we leave, but she enjoys her time when she is with them. We were officially there for 3 Sundays..came home during the 2nd week..(Bham team camp)..While we were there we did so much..I can't blog about it all..but a few highlights were

~Bry's bday party
~Nephew D'aron's 7 on 7 camp..he is starting varsity football this year as a ninth grader..so we are super proud of him
~Bry playing with all her friends..Druw, Collin, cousins, and other family members
~Just enjoying the "country" life..barefoot, running through fields, feeding goats and chickens, riding the lawn mower just for fun, feeding ducks in Chattanooga
~ We went to the public park below the bridge in Chattanooga and let Brylee simply play in the water..which was fun
~Tennessee Aquarium: Brylee had a ball...Mom, Dad, Kenny and myself decided to take her and she was amazed! She would try and stay as long as possible at different exhibits.
~Church reports from the Guatemala mission team..I so enjoyed hearing their testimonies! AWESOME
~Campton's bday party...Kenny got to visit with a few of his former classmates while our children all played together.

And now we are back home. Brylee went to daycare today. Kenny had basketball workouts, I went to my classroom to get a few things done. Found out we (Special Ed) have a new teacher, a new aide, possibly a new classroom (trailer) and a friend is pregger...(no names right now)..but it is NOT me! So, we are busy and will be busy from this day forth..not sure about all the blogging..but hopefully the Lord will allow me time to share the special moments in the life of the Hill's!!!

ps...Oh Yea, the AMAZING WEEKEND...was definitely AMAZING..but I will have to tell you in person..HA!


Angela said...

can't wait for in person...get to telling... :)